It’s the super lightweight, performance, and safe wheel spacer

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High Precision

BONOSS wheel spacers are accurate to 0.02mm which provides high quality and safety. In addition, a smooth installation experience.

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Safer & Better

Both forged Aviation 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 feature good hardness and toughness, excellent wear resistance characteristics.

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10 Years Warranty

BONOSS promises that if there is any quality problem with the product within 10 years, we will provide warranty service.

About 30% Weight Off

They are precisely cut with some “hollow holes”. Due to these hollow holes, the average weight of each spacer is more than 30% lighter than the previous-gen product.

Forged 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 Aluminum Material

BONOSS manufactures wheel spacers with high-grade forged billet aluminum alloy which features many desirable properties such as wear-resistance, impact resistance, high-temperature resistance.

572 MPa

502 MPa

tensile strength (7075-T6)

yield strength (7075-T6)

Multi-stage Hub Centric

Based on traditional hub centric wheel spacers, BONOSS has optimized this design, making them fit more perfectly, safely, stably, and further reducing the chance of high-speed vibration.

Side Knurling Design

For decorative reasons, knurling can enhance the aesthetics of spacers. It can also enlarge the side area so that it can contact more air, boost the heat dissipation effect, and also reduce internal stress.

Disassembly Grooves

It is designed to easily dismount the spacers, improving user experience. Normally, using a screwdriver can easily remove the spacers, simple and efficient.

Choose Extended Wheel Bolts

BONOSS provides a full line of high-strength wheel bolts to fit your wheel spacers, the length is available from 27mm to 75mm.

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Grade 12.9 Wheel Bolts

(Higher strength)

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Shell-type Wheel Bolts

(Better appearance)

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Titanium Wheel Bolts

(Lighter in weight)