Since the establishment of the company in 2007,  We were mainly engaged in OEM or ODM of high-strength wheel Spacers, bolts, studs, and nuts, and provided premium, professional and personalized products, and services for the customers who came from more than 100 countries including Germany, Japan, USA, UK, Italy, and Sweden, etc.

With years of experience, in addition to conventional OEM and ODM, we also provide additional services including packaging design, poster design, label design, etc., to give our customers with one-stop service and avoid the efficiency degradation caused by multi-party coordination. Besides, we also offer special services for different products, so that the products have different features to meet different market needs and enhance the customer experience.

For Wheel Spacers:

  1. For some customers who prefer tighter installation (spacer mounted to the hub, or the wheel sit on the hub-centric spacer).  Tight installation increases the installation difficulty but reduces high-speed vibration. In order to meet the special requirements of precision for such customers, the manufacturer must accurately grasp the accuracy and tolerance of the original data of different models, otherwise, it is very difficult to achieve. And these are exactly our strengths, we can achieve a precision requirement of 0.01mm from design to production.
  2. For some customers who like the differentiated appearance, we can carry out product design and product testing on the basis of ensuring safety. The spacer must be based on safety, with the help of a professional OEM manufacturer, your differentiation requirements can be achieved safely.
  3. For some customers who need special custom services for a specific application, we can provide professional design suggestions and production recommendations to reduce problems and enable customers to achieve their goals in a faster and lower-cost way.

For Wheel Bolts and Wheel Nuts:

Wheel bolts and nuts are directly related to driving safety,  so all OEM and ODM products must be based on safety premises. This requires the entire flow (material, production, packing, and transportation ) must strictly comply with ISO standards or other regional standards.  As a professional manufacturer,  we have years of professional experience, strict production processes, and rigorous testing standards.  On the basis of providing customers with safe products, we can also achieve differential production services.

  1. Customized LOGO. We are able to customize special molds and produce bolts with customer’s LOGO stamps.
  2. Customized color. Customize the color for customers while meeting the anti-rust requirements.
  3. Customized product size. Customized bolts in special size while meeting the safety requirements.
  4. Customized special-shaped bolts and nuts. For different application needs of bolts, we can customize irregular special-shaped bolts and nuts to meet the needs of certain scenes.
  5. Wheel bolt and nut design and data service. With reference to our complete database of the bolt and car models, we are able to provide professional design service and support.

For Others:

For different products, specific OEM and ODM services will have certain differences, but they are all based on the premise of meeting safety and performance to give you complete support and create value for you.

As an excellent wheel spacer, bolt or nut, safety is the most basic requirement. On this basis, only continuous innovation and improvement can bring more value and a better experience to our customers. We have more than 10 R&D personnel, specializing in-vehicle data collection, product design optimization, product testing, and finished product launch. Up to now, we have completed the measurement and matching of 95% of the common car models on the market. More than 1,800 product innovations and upgrade drawings are available for review at any time, and we promise to complete the R&D matching work within 2 months after the launch of new mainstream models, the hot new models only need 2 weeks.

At the same time, and most importantly, all OEM ODM customers can use our patents directly, at no additional cost.