If you own a 2010-2024 Mazda 3, knowing the correct lug nut size is crucial for changing a flat tire or swapping out your wheels and tires. Selecting the wrong lug nut size can lead to loose wheels, stripped threads, or other issues down the road. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about 2010-2024 Mazda 3 lug nut sizes so you get the right fit.

What size are 2010-2024 Mazda 3 lug nuts?

The lug nut size for all 2010-2024 Mazda 3 models is 12×1.5. This means the lug nuts have a diameter of 12mm and a thread pitch of 1.5mm.

Mazda uses the same 12×1.5 lug nut on all their vehicles across this generation, including the Mazda 3, Mazda 6, CX-5, and more. So if you’re servicing multiple Mazda models from this era, one lug nut socket will work for them all.

It’s important to stick with the OEM 12×1.5 size and thread pitch when replacing your lug nuts. Using the wrong thread pitch or shape can damage the wheel bolts or mounting holes over time.

What size socket are 2010-2024 Mazda 3 lug nuts?

To remove or install 2010-2024 Mazda 3 lug nuts, you’ll need a 19mm 12-point socket. A 6-point socket is not recommended, as it has a higher risk of stripping or rounding off the nut.

Again, this 19mm socket will work on all Mazda models from 2010-2024 that use the 12×1.5 lug nut.

Many lug nut socket sets will include a 19mm 12-point socket to service this common Mazda nut size. You can also purchase an individual 19mm lug nut socket from any auto parts store if needed.

When shopping for a 19mm lug nut socket, opt for a deep impact socket made from hardened steel. This will provide enough clearance over the wheel studs and withstand the high torque required for lug nut removal.

2010-2024 Mazda 3 lug nuts size: a complete guide

Why BONOSS aftermarket 2010-2024 Mazda 3 lug nuts are best?

When it’s time to replace your OEM Mazda lug nuts, consider upgrading to BONOSS aftermarket Mazda 3 lug nuts. Here are some benefits of choosing BONOSS.

  • Manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Made of forged 50BV30 steel
  • Special rust prevention
  • Fits 2010-2024 Mazda 3 as well as other Mazda models using 12×1.5 lug nuts

BONOSS lug nuts are designed specifically for Mazda vehicles and undergo strict quality control. This ensures excellent fit and performance. They also give your wheels a nice custom look compared to stock lug nuts.

For the best replacement lug nuts for your 2010-2024 Mazda 3, choose BONOSS. Their high strength design will securely fasten your wheels and provide peace of mind that your wheels won’t loosen over time.

Whether you’re swapping wheels or simply replacing worn or rusted lugs, understanding the proper 2010-2024 Mazda 3 lug nut size is key. Always stick with 12×1.5 lug nuts and a 19mm socket for removal and installation. And choose quality aftermarket lug nuts from BONOSS when OEM replacements are needed. With the right tools and parts, you can tackle lug nut maintenance on your Mazda 3 with confidence.