When Do You Need Wheel Spacers?

To get a better grip on the road, you will probably update a bigger brake caliper or even a wider wheel at a high price. These are not small things that can be replaced at will, after all, the price is not cheap. So if there is any mismatch or rubbing issues, you need a remedy to adjust the relevant parts to the right position. BONOSS wheel spacers are available from 3mm-160mm. You just need to measure the accurate distance you need to provide for new components, and then install them between your hub assembly and the wheel. By moving the wheel outward from the axle at a moderate distance, your baby brake kit and wheel hub can do their best. What must be emphasized is that if you are still a layman for wheel spacers modification, you’d better leave this important job to a professional person.

The Safety Of RS3 Wheel Spacers In Daily Driving

Nothing is inherently insecure. Wheel spacers made of low-quality material, have no trademark and warranty, and with inappropriate type and size, are definitely risk your safety. However, all of these can be avoided as far as you have the basic recognition of wheel spacers. The type and size are determined by your wheel specs, such as bolt pattern, bore center, stud thread, fastening, and stud contact surface. Others more specific can be measured with professional tools if you want better tightness. The accurate measurement sometimes can be crucial, especially driving at high speed, because minor deviations will show obvious vibration at high speeds. It is also where BONOSS is different from ordinary brands. Profession and safety are always our principles. As for the choice of material, type and size, you can refer to our previous article. →

Prevention is always better than cure. If you are planning to make some modifications to your Audi RS3, no matter brake, suspension, wide-body kit, or wheel, you should prepare for the potential problems in advance. BONOSS is prepared for the upcoming Audi RS3. Once Audi announces the data, we will follow up immediately. Want more information about the products? You can click here.