The BMW G20 wheel spacers provide a variety of changes to the vehicle, including the most immediate cosmetic changes, more space under the wheel, changes in driving feel, etc. The BMW G20 wheel spacers work by pushing the wheel outward a specific distance, which is usually measured in millimeters. And they are usually installed in pairs or two pairs of BMW G20 wheel spacers on the left and right wheels. The symmetrical thickness of the BMW G20 wheel spacers will provide a wider track for the BMW G20, and you won’t need to change the wheels or adjust the suspension.

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BMW G20 Wheel Spacers Help Understeering

For performance cars such as the BMW G20, the wider track of installing BMW G20 wheel spacers brings more consistent cornering control. For customers who want to improve understeer, installing spacers on the front will provide more track width and therefore likely reduce understeer and increases the tendency to oversteer, while for customers with four BMW G20 wheel spacers, the added track will help give the car extra friction and a more realistic handling feeling.

Difference Between Install BMW G20 Wheel Spacers Before and After

The customer chose 12mm BMW G20 wheel spacers, as the BMW G20 wheel spacers need to be installed symmetrically, in the data calculation, the front wheel track increased by a total of 12mm+12mm=24mm, while for the single side wheel offset value is reduced by 12mm, the stock 36mm offset value is now adjusted to 36mm-12mm=24mm.

The most direct visual change is that the wheels are moved to the fender side, the body line is fuller, and the wheels are no longer recessed. BMW G20 wheel spacers are essential for some avid wide-body modification enthusiasts because, after the wide-body modification, the wheels will be completely recessed in the fender. A flush stance with the fender is very easy to achieve.

On the other hand, it is difficult to see where the mounting surface of the wheel is positioned inward relative to the center line of the wheel. According to the above-mentioned wheel moving outward, the distance between the hub assembly and the wheels increases, and this distance is exactly what some vehicles with tuned high-performance brake kits need because high-performance kits require more space due to more pistons or larger brake parts. Often the offset value of the stock wheels is positively offset, and BMW G20 wheel spacers allow the offset value to be adjusted to a negative offset trend.

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Are BMW G20 Wheel Spacers Extended Bolts Needed?

After installing 12mm BMW G20 wheel spacers on the front wheel, it needs to be fixed with extended wheel bolts, the length of the stock wheel bolts is 27mm and the length of the extended wheel bolts is at least 12mm+27mm=39mm. The short wheel bolts cannot provide the clamping force generated by the thread engagement, and the long wheel bolts also cannot lock the wheel bolts, BONOSS provides the extended wheel bolts for BMW G20 wheel spacers with the corresponding length.

These extended wheel bolts are available in Grade 12.9, the highest grade available. Forged from SCM440 steel alloy, they offer a maximum strength of 1282 MPa, a larger shank diameter for improving the ultimate performance, and are more powerful. Various lengths and multiple contact surfaces are available to fit aftermarket wheels and stock wheels.

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