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What are the 2022 BMW M4 wheel spacers? What is the lightweight meaning? And if you want to upgrade your M4, you should not miss this! “The Most Powerful Letter In The World!” –The 2022 BMW M4 is equipped with a top-notch engine and transmission, and driving it gives you a distinctly racing driving feeling, and all-wheel drive is optional for the 2022 model year. Facing the 2022 BMW M4 such a racing-level car, we BONOSS provide M4 with lightweight plus wheel spacers specially designed for performance vehicles. Let’s take a look now!

What are the 2022 BMW M4 Wheel Spacers?

As the name implies, the 2022 BMW M4 wheel spacers are designed specifically for the M4 G82/83 chassis. Corresponding to this generation of BMW M4 bolt patterns data, the Center bore is 66.5mm, PCD is 5×112, Wheel Fasteners are lug nuts, Thread Size is M14x1.25. Precise matching of the wheel specs for M4 is very important to ensure compatibility and safety.

The wheel spacers are installed between the axle hub and the wheel hub to adjust the offset and backspacing of the wheels. The main function of wheel spacers is that they can push the tires out of the mounting pad, which can change the outlook shape of the vehicle, allow the wheel assembly to be fixed larger-sized upgraded parts, and even tune some of the driving characteristics. However, the wheel spacers are still used as auxiliary accessories for most of the time, and you can see them appear on various rally cars and off-roaders.

What is the lightweight of the 2022 BMW M4 Wheel Spacers?

For many performance vehicles, lightweight runs through the design of a vehicle. The 2022 BMW M4 Competition uses a staggered 19-inch front wheel and 20-inch rear wheel and is also equipped with a carbon fiber roof and ceramic brakes, all of which are the embodiment of lightweight style. Then, for the selection of an aftermarket upgrade, you will also choose lightweight accessories. Our BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus 2022 BMW M4 wheel spacers are your best bet. The hollow design reduces its own weight while ensuring the strength of spacers. Using it will minimize the increase in unsprung mass while widening the wheel track width and maintaining the flexible handling characteristics of the M4.

The features of the BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus 2022 BMW M4 Wheel Spacers are as follows:

  1. Compared with the wheel spacers with Forged Active Cooling design, the weight is reduced by an average of 20%. No burden on your M4’s flexible driving.
  2. With the special “Disassembly slot” and “Knurling” design structure, it is convenient to install and uninstall. The design of “Knurling” ensures the release of the internal deformation pressure generated by the special hollow design and ensures the deformation resistance ability of spacers.
  3. The extra cost of the Lightweight design will not be reflected in the retail price of M4 spacers. A reasonable price is like a lightweight design, allowing you to have a better experience at the same price.