Honda Fit, as a relatively low-cost model for tuning, can meet the needs of many customers, and many of them choose to install wheel spacers on the 2017-2021 Honda Fit. Honda is a well-known car brand from Japan, which uses the structure of stud in hub assembly, BONOSS recommends customers who drive the Honda Fit use bolt-on wheel spacers, and the 2017-2021 Honda Fit uses wheel spacers with data of PCD4x100, CB56.1.

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Which 2022 Honda Fit Wheel Spacers Are Good? BONOSS recommends the use of corresponding data hub-centric wheel spacers, aluminum alloy material is more suitable as the production material of wheel spacers, you can choose 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy material. When choosing to buy wheel spacers, you can ask the merchant about the specific product material of wheel spacers, and the qualified wheel spacers should inform the customer about the production material. Some of the inferior wheel spacers will not indicate the production material on the appearance of the wheel spacers, they may be made of low-cost aluminum alloy or iron, and they can’t guarantee your safety.

Choosing hub-centric wheel spacers will eliminate the possibility of vehicle hub assembly and wheel shaking due to different centers. Wheel spacers hub centric connects the hub assembly to the wheel and provides maximum friction and clamping force, the higher the precision, the higher the safety.

How to Know If Wheel Spacers Will Fit?

How do I know the wheel spacers have been installed? Take Honda Fit, for example, it uses bolt-on wheel spacers, it needs to install wheel spacers on hub assembly and then install wheels, all these steps are done by lug nuts (including stock nuts and wheel spacers nuts). Before installing wheel spacers, it is necessary to descale the hub assembly of Honda Fit, because wheel spacers need to match the contact surface of the hub assembly, and water damage on the road may generate rust stains and lead to gaps between the contact surfaces, resulting in shaking during vehicle driving or wheel spacers cannot be installed. It is feasible to use rust remover and abrasive paper for cleaning. After the wheel spacers are fitted to the hub assembly, a piece of paper is sandwiched between them and the paper cannot be taken out, which means they fit well. After installing the wheel spacers, use the lug nuts that come with the wheel spacers to fix them, and use the stock nuts to fix the wheel.

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Honda Fit customers choose 20mm wheel spacers, BONOSS provides Honda Fit the smallest wheel spacers thickness of 15mm, but 15mm wheel spacers for some models may appear wheel pocket can not accommodate the length of the stud, the wheel cannot be installed properly. Meanwhile, the thickness of wheel spacers is related to the distance from the wheel to the fender, most customers will ask BONOSS customer service how many wheel spacers are suitable. In fact, we can get the thickness we want by our own measurement. Using a straightedge perpendicular to the outer side of the fender and wheel can get the ideal offset, this distance is the thickness of wheel spacers.

Are Wheel Spacers Good for Honda Fit?

Wheel spacers can help Honda Fit solve the problem of wheel sinks. Many small cars like Honda Fit often encounter exterior defects, and installing wheel spacers can give Honda Fit a fuller body line and flush wheels to satisfy customers. In addition to fuller body lines, wheel spacers can improve driving stability for cars with little weight. Wider tracks can make the vehicle more stable at high speeds, better stability in turns, improved vehicle roll, and more confident driving.

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