2022 jeep gladiator wheel spacers--bonoss

Are 2022 Jeep Gladiator wheel spacers safe for heavy-duty pickup? You can often find wheel spacers on rally cars, which can easily tune the offset and backspacing of the wheels to accommodate larger size upgrade components. And if tuned properly, spacers can also give your vehicle an outstanding look, taking your vehicle to the next level. But are wheel spacers suitable for heavy-duty pickups like the 2022 Jeep Gladiator? We BONOSS will give you a comprehensive answer!

Are 2022 Jeep Gladiator Wheel Spacers Safe For Pickup?

Why do people have such doubts? Because the weight of off-roaders is generally heavier than smaller vehicles. So when driving on the road, the weight transmitted to the tires and the axle hub is naturally greater. What’s more, off-roaders often challenge difficult roads of different terrains, and the wheel assembly needs to withstand more force when climbing over rocks and slipping in the desert. So is it safe to add another part to such a critical part? In my opinion, it all depends on the type of wheel spacers you use!

If you’re using lug-centric wheel spacers, then I’m pretty sure it’s going to go wrong. Because lug-centric wheel spacers do not have ring step, it is impossible to tightly connect the wheel hub and the axle hub. The strong downward shearing force of the off-roader is directly transmitted to the wheel studs. Although the standard of wheel studs is gradually improving, its strength is not enough to support long-term stress, which will eventually lead to permanent deformation or fracture. No one can expect this kind of danger. Whether it is a heavy-duty off-roader or a lightweight sports car, the use of lug-centric wheel spacers is extremely dangerous.

However, if you’re using Jeep Gladiator hub-centric wheel spacers, then it’s not going to give you any trouble. In terms of design structure, hub-centric wheel spacers have the ring step, which does not change the tire force structure. And those tiny wheel studs and lug nuts just need to hold the tire in place and keep it spinning around the axle hub. When facing strong external forces, the axle is still bearing the main pressure, so there is no need to worry about safety issues. And, using Gladiator wheel spacers will make your vehicle safer than ever! With the widening of the wheel track width, the roll center of the whole vehicle is also lowered. When faced with bump roads and sharp turns, your Gladiator will pass them with more stability and poise!

2022 jeep gladiator wheel spacers--bonoss

How To Install And Tune 2022 Jeep Gladiator Wheel Spacers?

For the owner of hub-centric Gladiator wheel spacers, you need to install the two sets of studs and lug nuts on the spacer according to the standard torque requirement of the vehicle brochure. This requirement is not only what you need to pay attention to when installing spacers, but also needs to refer to when you change tires. You’d better use a torque wrench to do these steps. Next, when installing thinner spacers, you need to pay attention to whether the wheel studs of the axle rotor will protrude from the screw holes on the spacer and thus interfere with the wheel hub. If you encounter this problem, it is recommended that you use a thicker spacer or cut off the excess length of wheel studs. Protruding wheel studs will interfere with the connection of the wheel hub to the spacer’s ring step, causing jitter and even danger. Finally, if you have a professional auto shop near you that you trust, we still hope you can go there for the Gladiator spacers installation and tuning.