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“A new luxury icon has been born that will elevate your driving experience to unprecedented heights.” The all-new 2022 LX 600 is born to meet the market absence of Land Cruiser in America, which is a redesign to one of the best luxury off-roaders. It’s getting a full redo from the wheel nuts up. Followed by Lexus ambition, BONOSS also provides one of the best quality spacers, the 2022 Lexus LX 600 wheel spacers to give you better handling performance, and solve space problems, which is one of the most headaches of the car modification.

What Are The 2022 Lexus LX 600 Wheel Spacers?

2022 LX 600 wheel spacers are accessories that are installed between the wheels and hubs, which widen the wheel track by pushing the wheel far away from the center of the vehicle. Installation of spacers can make your vehicle have more stability and improve driving feeling without change of tires size or other mods. The wheel spacers set the wheel track wider than the vehicle normally would be so that they can provide better support when the vehicle is tilting laterally. This is effective when your new LX 600 is driven in some bad weather or some steep terrains. Their thickness can be made from 3mm to 70mm, even exceed 100mm if you customize. They can enable you to push the wheels out just as much as you want.

Will Spacers Keep Tires From Rubbing?

When you are ready to enhance your best luxury off-roader, the higher level brake calipers, bigger size tires, and better suspension system may be your first choice, because these components upgrades can really make big difference in your driving experience. But these modifications often cause some headaches, the rubbing problem. For example, suppose you change a set of thicker-size calipers in order to make your LX 600 have more dexterous and efficient braking capabilities. But you find some terrible rubbing noise when you daily driving even in some smooth road, due to the new bigger brake caliper rubbing the vehicle wheel. To this space problem, wheel spacers are the most cost-effective and easy way. BONOSS 2022 Lexus LX 600 wheel spacers can create enough space to correct the offset by pushing the wheel away from the hub assembly. This added spacing is necessary for preventing those thicker or larger calipers for your LX 600 from wearing the stock wheels and new calipers during daily driving. What’s more, the bigger tires and different types of suspension kits also cause this kind of problem, bigger size tires may rub the vehicle fender or wheel well liner. And the different suspension kits may also be hit by tires when you fully turning the steering wheel during some sharp corners. In all these situations, wheel spacers are the easy way to solve.

Where to Buy 2022 Lexus LX 600 Wheel Spacers?

For all of your 2022 LX 600 high performance and big wheels needs, look no further than BONOSS wheel spacers. BONOSS offers a huge range of LX 600 wheel spacers and adapters to fit a massive variety of aftermarket wheels and tires. Manufactured by modern CNC process (0.02mm tolerance), these LX 600 wheel spacers are machining to the highest possible quality and are fully over 66 SGS, TUV ISO standard test reports certificated. BONOSS offers non-normal thickness’s customized service, completed only in 1-3 days, 3mm-160mm thick, 130mm-350mm dimension is available, OEM/ODM is available. Common requests from our customers include PCD conversion, CB conversion wheel adapters for big brake kits, or aftermarket wheels that are not made for a given vehicle. And, if you meet any problem with the selection, we have a support team that consists of professionals ready to help.

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2022 Lexus LX 600 Overviews

What to expect:

  1. The 2022 Lexus LX 600 is finally redesign
  2. It shares its underpinnings with the new Toyota Land Cruiser
  3. This new generation is more luxurious than ever before
  4. Starts off the fourth-generation Lexus LX for 2022

What’s new

Chief among the changes is a new chassis built on Toyota’s Toyota GA-F architecture, the same platform that underpins the new Toyota Tundra and the aforementioned Land Cruiser—but with the needs of the more luxe Lexus in mind. Lexus says it’s 20% more rigid than before and contributes to the new model’s reduced weight, which is a claimed 441 pounds fewer. That combo could help the LX 600 drive a bit sharper.

The new LX 600 gets Active Height Control hydraulic suspension that can raise or lower the vehicle. The old LX has something similar and could, say, lower the vehicle to make getting in and out easier or raise it for better off-road ground clearance.

There’s plenty of off-road techs here, too. The LX now gets Toyota’s Crawl Control, which allows the SUV to go up steep climbs and descend hills; all the driver has to do is steer. Multi-Terrain Select, a system that changes various settings like the traction control and throttle response depending on the type of terrain you’re on, is also on the new LX and will now work in 4-Hi and 4-Lo.


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2022 Lexus LX 600 Engine

Under the hood, the LX is identical to the Land Cruiser. Both cars are powered by a 3.4-liter-twin-turbocharged V6 that makes 409 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. Both numbers are way up from last generation’s V8, which only managed 383 hp and 403 lb-ft. The new engine routes power through a 10-speed automatic transmission to a full-time four-wheel-drive system, which also has a low range. The middle differential can be locked for a 50/50 torque split between the front and rear axles. F-Sport models get a limited-slip differential on the rear axle too.


The past few years of the prior-generation LX 570 were seriously outdated, so this new LX 600 can’t come soon enough. The new technology features help bring it up-to-date and make it a more compelling pick among SUV rivals such as the BMW X7, Cadillac Escalade, Land Rover Range Rover Sport, and Mercedes-Benz GLS.