OEM processing service is now a production method that many auto manufacturers will choose when facing some specific parts. BONOSS now provides customized wheel spacers and personalized lug nuts for 2022 Lucid Air and all Lucid models. BONOSS has an independent and high-level factory, both in terms of production capacity and quality are top in the industry, which is the best advantage when we compete for orders. We have provided OEM processing services for many car manufacturers and personal car modification shops, and we have a very mature program and system. If you choose and trust us BONOSS, I believe BONOSS will help your product sales and reputation jump on a new level!

Active Cooling-Core Technology Of BONOSS Wheel Spacers.

This design is the world’s first patented technology of BONOSS wheel spacers, and the series products were named “BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers”. Most ordinary spacers in the market are only designed with smooth flat surfaces, while BONOSS applies the aerodynamic theory to the wheel spacers. the heat dissipation grooves are distributed as like petals. This curve design can accelerate the airflow in the wheel system. The normal work of brake systems, wheel spacers, and wheels can be protected with the “Active Cooling” tech.


Forged Process-More Professional Manufacturing Methods

As the product name shows, Forge is also an important point determining BONOSS wheel spacers’ quality. Forged wheel spacers have a smoother surface, higher precision, and more stable structure compared with the casting adapters. That means spacers can be fitted to the axle hub tightly without vibration or rubbing problems. Some shoddy products have a rough mate surface and improper PCD (pitch center diameter) and CB (center bore) with stock specs, which will cause severe damage to customers’ other components and their safety.BONOSS-wheel-spacers-oem

Performance Material-Wheel Spacers Made Of High-Level Aluminum

Compare with frequent materials of steel or stainless steel of other products, BONOSS wheel spacers are made of high-performance aerospace aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and 7075-T6. They have higher yield strength, higher tensile strength, better fatigue strength, great corrosion resistance, outstanding wear resistance, better toughness, etc. Aerospace aluminum is often used in the aviation industry, so the quality has already been proved. The materials and elements of BONOSS wheel spacers and studs have passed over 66 times tests of SGS and TUV. All the reports are public on our official website. Nothing can be cut corners on when it comes to auto accessories. BONOSS forged AL 6061-T6 wheel spacers are worth more than their price.BONOSS-wheel-spacers-2022-lucid-air-wheel-spacers

Quick Customized-Higher Efficiency Of Wheel Spacers Trading

Time is always the most scarce resource in the trading process. The importance of an independent factory goes without saying. The majority of wheel spacers OEM companies don’t personally undertake OEM service but entrust to a third-party factory. This is not what automakers or retailers want because the quality and speed are not controllable. You can directly contact with BONOSS factory and the person in charge, saving the cost of communication and time. The efficiency of our cooperation will exceed your expectation. We will serve you with a high-standard process, core technology, and high speed, to satisfy the need of you and the individual customers.BONOSS-wheel-spacers-2022-lucid-air-wheel-spacers

Moreover, BONOSS also provides other brands’ ODM service, if you’d like to have deep contact with us, please contact us.