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2022 Mercedes G Wagon Wheel Spacers Overview, Everything You Need To Know!

What are the 2022 Mercedes G Wagon wheel spacers? And what can G Wagon spacers do to your SUV? The Mercedes G Class is a symbol of the top off-road performance and luxury in the SUV segment market. It’s a big toy best for the rich and famous, representing their uncommon status. Just like every man will be fascinated by the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler at the very first glance. This time, we BONOSS provide the 2022 Mercedes G Wagon with the exclusive design of wheel spacers, which can make your big toy even more outstanding on the road. Let’s get started!

What Are The BONOSS 2022 Mercedes G Wagon Wheel Spacers?

In short, a wheel spacer is a metal ring-type auto part that is installed between the wheel hub and axle hub. Spacers can be used as the extension surface of the mounting pad, pushing tires out of the vehicle chassis, and tuning the wheels’ offset and backspacing. While facilitating upgrade mod, it can also enhance the handling performance and car styling.

We BONOSS exclusively design two versions of wheel spacers for Mercedes G Class—BLA and BL. The BLA, Forged Active Cooling wheel spacers, is carried the unique design of symmetrical petal shape grooves. The function is that the spacers have effective heat dissipation and reduce brake fade during driving. Such a design structure can effectively dissipate the heat generated by the axle hub and brake caliper, improving driving safety.

The BL Forged Lightweight Plus wheel spacers adopt the Hollow Carved structure, which effectively reduces the weight of the spacers themselves. To the performance cars, they need to be reduced unsprung mass increase as much as possible

What’s more, all BONOSS Mercedes G Class wheel spacers get exclusive design structures like knurling, multi stage, and disassembly grooves. 1. Knurling—reduce internal stress and enhance heat dissipation; 2. Multi-stage—perfectly fit the wheel hub and axle hub, eliminate the installing gap, and reduce the chance of vibration. 3. Disassembly grooves—increase airflow and make it more efficient to remove. And our BONOSS factories have the CNC Machining to produce all wheel spacers, so we can control the tolerance precision below 0.02mm. You can really trust our data precision in matching the wheel size.

What Are The Main Functions Of The 2022 Mercedes G Wagon Wheel Spacers?

First of all, the vehicle roll of off-roaders or SUVs is relatively large when cornering, which will affect ride comfort and safety. If we want to solve this problem by widening the wheel track, in addition to replacing larger size tires, it is also a good choice to install wheel spacers to widen the wheel track width.

Secondly, the G Wagon has a natural wide body kit, and the minimum ET OE wheels option only be ET 32, which still makes the tires show the stance tucked in the fender. Installing wheel spacers can easily make the tire protrude, flush with the fender or protrude body kit. Make the G more aggressive and domineering.

Just leave the complicated and professional things to BONOSS! We have already prepared for the 2022 Mercedes G Class and included all versions to the very first generation. You can enjoy customized service no matter you did any mods on your G wagon. Have a browse at BONOSS 2022 Mercedes G Class wheel spacers. Any questions, please contact us.