Do 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers do anything? Can Tesla Model Y wheel spacers affect the mod upgrade or handling? What effect can wheel spacers of different thicknesses have on the Model Y? In the last Blog in the 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers series, I have explained how wheel spacers are safe for your driving in terms of structure, data, and correct use. So, what is the role of installing 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers is the main point of this article.

Do 2022 Tesla Model Y Wheel Spacers Do Any Effect On The Vehicle?

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1. Change Wheel Bolt Pattern

You know, each car model and each tire has a corresponding bolt pattern. For example, the PCD of the Tesla Model Y’s bolt pattern is 5×114.3, and the CB is 64.1mm. If the PCD of the wheels you admired to replace is 5×115 and the CB is 71.6mm, then you have to use wheel spacers (wheel adaptors) to convert your bolt pattern to match the wheels.

This will make it easy and convenient for you to choose most of the wheel styles on the auto market, instead of having to go through the hassle of buying wheel products and returning them again and again to check the matching degree with your vehicle. 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers make your modifications easier and more convenient.

In many vehicle upgrade kits, you’ll also find wheel spacers/wheel adaptors/wheel reducer rings listings, which means that car manufacturers actually consider it safer and more convenient to upgrade.

2022 tesla model y wheel spacers-bonoss

2. Widen The Offset Of The Wheel

Wheel spacers are like the extension surface of the wheel hub, which can make the axle of the vehicle more prominent without changing any force structure. I mentioned this point many times in my last article explaining security.

Yes, that’s how wheel spacers products work and can be done in vehicle modification. Spacers can change the ET value of the wheel, changing how far the entire tire protrudes from the vehicle. This function is very useful for vehicles.

1) For the performance of the vehicle, if the wheel track is widened, the center of gravity of the body will drop. Especially for the Tesla Model Y, an EV SUV, its driving experience is not as impressive as the Tesla Model 3, and the overall vehicle’s center of gravity is high. Then installing Tesla Model Y wheel spacers of suitable thickness can effectively change the problem of the too high center of gravity.

And with the increase of the wheel track, the vehicle’s grip, stability, and cornering inclination will be optimized, which is the effect of Tesla Model Y wheel spacers that the change of the wheel track can bring.

2) For the appearance of the vehicle, after installing wheel spacers, the ET value changes accordingly. Then how much the hub protrudes from the car body kit and the overall style of the body can be easily controlled by you.

This can make no need to break your wallet on a set of negative ET wheels. Choose cost-effective wheel spacers to easily upgrade your car, and make your Model Y outstanding on the street full of semblable vehicles.

What effect can 2022 Tesla Model Y Wheel Spacers Of Different Thickness Have On The Vehicle?

1/2-inch (12mm)—Solve the space problem of some parts and correct the ET value of the upgraded wheels.

1/2-inch wheel spacers are suitable for solving general wheel assembly friction problems. If you find the sound from the tire is abnormal when you turn the steering wheel or drive normally, installing spacers of this thickness can solve most of your friction problems and clearance problems. For general aftermarket wheels, 1/2-inch spacers can also achieve a good correction effect and improve safety after modification.

1-inch (25mm)—slightly improve the handling performance and appearance of the vehicle

1-inch spacers of this thickness can be used alone to improve the driving stability of your Model Y. And it can visibly change the Y’s stance, running on the road more aggressively.

1.5-inch and thicker (40+mm)—Significantly alter the driving experience of the vehicle, as well as assist the vehicle to achieve a specific exterior style

Generally suitable for off-roader, SUV (as with a more distance between the fender and the upper edge of the tire), or wide-body style vehicles. Spacers with a thickness of more than 40mm can greatly widen the wheel track, make your vehicle have better road grip, lower the center of gravity of the vehicle, improve the off-road performance of the vehicle.

For wide-body style, negative ET value wheels are not the only choice. The 2022 Tesla Model Y is a typical EV SUV, you can choose thicker spacers to make it look more aggressive and domineering if you like.