Is it safe to drive with wheel spacers in 2022 Toyota GR8?

If you own a 2022 Toyota GR86 and want to customize the look and stance of your car, installing wheel spacers may be tempting. Wheel spacers push the wheels outward from the hub, effectively increasing the track width of the vehicle. This can make the GR86 look more aggressive and improve the handling by enlarging the contact patch. However, there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind before installing wheel spacers on your GR86.

Are 2022 Toyota GR86 wheel spacers safe?

Wheel spacers can be safe if selected and installed correctly, but they also introduce potential risks. Here are some key factors to consider regarding 2022 GR86 wheel spacer safety:

  • Quality and design– Not all spacers are created equal. High quality spacers from reputable brands made of durable materials like aluminum or steel are best. The design needs to precisely fit the GR86’s hub-centric wheels.
  • Proper installation– Wheel spacers must be installed to torque specifications using proper tools. Under or over tightening can cause spacer failure or wheel detachment while driving.
  • Wheel stud length– The wheel studs may need to be lengthened to accommodate the extra space of the wheel spacer. If the studs are too short, the wheels may not secure properly.
  • Suspension– A wider track width changes the suspension geometry and may require an alignment. Lowering springs or coilovers optimized for the new stance are recommended.

Will 2022 Toyota GR86 wheel spacers legal?

In most regions, wheel spacers are legal as long as the overall vehicle width stays within regulations. However, some areas have restrictions:

  • In the United States, wheel spacers are legal as long as the track width does not exceed the fender flares. Verify state laws as regulations can vary.
  • In Canada, spacers are legal as long as the tires don’t extend past the vehicle body width.
  • In Japan, maximum tire protrusion is regulated depending on car width. Verify regulations before installing spacers.

Always check regional laws before modifying your GR86 with wheel spacers.

Which 2022 Toyota GR86 wheel spacers are best?

For those who decide wheel spacers are right for their GR86, BONOSS makes an excellent product specifically for the 2022 GR86’s hub-centric wheels. Here’s why BONOSS 2022 Toyota GR86 wheel spacers are a top choice.

  • Custom designed for precise 2022 GR86 fitment
  • Active cooling technique to cool the spacers and wheels
  • Aircraft grade 7075t6 aluminum construction
  • Rigorous quality control and testing
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Hub-centric for proper wheel alignment
  • Available in sizes from 15mm to 30mm width
  • Maintains OEM suspension geometry
  • No vibrations at high speeds
  • Simple no-hassle installation
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty

BONOSS 2022 GR86 wheel spacers are engineered to provide a safe spacer solution. Their quality materials, hub-centric design, and extensive testing gives peace of mind for improved fitment and handling.