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Are 2022 Volkswagen Golf R wheel spacers actually safe? What point should I pay attention to? The Golf R will return in 2022, and the R and GTI will be the only two versions of the U.S. domestic available. Fortunately, both are wildly popular. For such a popular hatchback model, the discussion of its modified and upgraded parts is always hot. Today we’re on to the hot topic—Are Golf R wheel spacers actually safe?

I hope to put the answer upfront to save someone who doesn’t have time. So in short, the answer to this question is simple. Yes, Golf R wheel spacers are safe. It is important to always ensure that they are mounted safely and correctly on your car and that the wheel bolts are the appropriate size and length, and that the product you choose is high-quality and warranted 2022 Volkswagen Golf R wheel spacers.

When you look up this question on the auto forums, you’ll find that the discussion boards are a war. The naysayers often said that you should never install wheel spacers on any vehicle or your whole vehicle will explode. In my opinion, all the keyboard warriors who have no basis, but to repeat the danger of spacer in appalling words, seem to have just come out of the Stone Age. If before the 19th century, you told me that flying in the sky was a very dangerous thing, I would have believed you completely. What if you told me that again today?

We must know that with the upgrade and progress of materials and structures, the safety of wheel spacers can be fully guaranteed. Many people’s impression of spacer or adaptor may still be affected by cheap brands’ products. Therefore, when choosing and using wheel spacers, as long as we avoid buying products of bad quality and mismatching vehicles, there will be no danger. I think these three points are what you need to pay attention to: 1. How are 2022 Volkswagen Golf R wheel spacers made? 2. What about the wheel bolts length which matches with 2022 Volkswagen Golf R wheel spacers? 3. What thickness of 2022 Volkswagen Golf R wheel spacers do you need?

How Are 2022 Volkswagen Golf R Wheel Spacers Made?

When looking for wheel spacers, no matter what brand you decide to order, make sure they are made of high-quality metal. The manufacturing process is preferably forging. These are important things because they will determine whether the brand puts your safety first or not from the start. Generally, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy (6061) is used commonly in the wheel spacers industry, and the wheel bolts matched with it will reach the strength of ISO 10.9. If the products you buy are still in steel materials, then you may need to accept that you are selecting lower-end spacers. Secondly, the one-piece molding of the forging process is also very important. You can get comprehensive knowledge on the comparison of forging and casting on Google. I will simply tell you here that forged spacers are safer and more expensive to manufacture. Only after you know this knowledge can you judge what good quality 2022 Volkswagen Golf R wheel spacers are.

What About The Wheel Bolts Length?

The 2022 Volkswagen Golf R is a typical German car, and its wheel fasteners must be the wheel bolts. Generally, some distance of the original wheel bolts will be reserved to reach the length of the torque requirement. However, if you install wheel spacers or some aftermarket wheels and tires that are thicker, then you definitely need a set of extended wheel bolts, cause the reserved distance is not enough. A senior spacers company, measures and installs the vehicle model many times, so the length of the wheel bolts with the spacers must be very accurate, it will ensure that you can meet the torque requirements and install the wheels firmly. If you use 12mm+ spacers that are not equipped with wheel bolts or the length of the bolts does not match your car, you have reason to doubt their professionalism.

What Thickness Of 2022 Volkswagen Golf R Wheel Spacers Do You Need?

From our large number of Golf customer examples, we have concluded that 13mm-25mm wheel spacers are the best choice for this fast small car. If you choose spacers in this thickness range, you can obviously enjoy the actual feeling brought by installing them, and it will not affect your daily driving. Of course, there are also many people who install 30+mm spacers just to make some wide-body style. What thickness of Golf R wheel spacers to install depends on what effect do you want. Choosing high-quality wheel spacers for VW Golf R and installing them correctly is the most important step to ensure your driving safety.