The 2023 Toyota 4Runner wheel spacers can effectively reduce the angle of vehicle rollover obstacles, and the soft suspension supports the vehicle frame structure. The increased road passing ability will be more suitable for all-terrain absorption, excellent vehicle chassis suspension, and high torque engine gives the 4Runner more advantages in towing. The increased friction is conducive to improved vehicle handling, whether 2023 4Runner wheel spacers, offset wheels, or tires have become popular projects for off-road modifications, and we still believe that the purchase of 4Runner wheel spacers will provide greater off-road performance gains at a lower cost.

4Runner wheel spacers are defined as a cost-effective modification. The low-cost modification is compared to low-offset wheels, alloy wheels are more expensive than a set of forged 4Runner wheel spacers, and both are based on adjusting the offset. A smaller offset allows the position of the wheels to move to the outside of the vehicle, generally flush with the fenders or more exaggeratedly away from the body. BONOSS recommends a reasonable suspension structure with 4Runner wheel spacers.

How Do 2023 Toyota 4Runner Wheel Spacers Work?

The 2023 Toyota 4Runner wheel spacers are cut from forged billet aluminum and finished with a series of cuts in an independent or OEM factory, including center hole machining, lug pattern alignment, rust protection, matching lug nuts, etc. The customer can choose the regular 4Runner wheel spacers thickness or customize the specific thickness (off-road customers often choose the customization service, which facilitates the adjustment of better chassis structure).

For 2023 Toyota 4Runner customers, the construction of wheel spacers leans towards bolt-on, depending on the vehicle’s structure which is held in place by wheel studs and lug nuts. Still, of course, there are also 4Runner wheel spacers with slip-on construction, just that they require additional extended wheel studs for fixing, which will cost a certain amount of labor to replace.

The 2023 Toyota 4Runner wheel spacers are mounted on a hub assembly and secured by additional lug nuts on the wheel spacers, ensuring that the wheel spacers become a semi-permanent structure when secured by standard torque. Using the stock lug nuts to fix the wheels to the wheel spacers, the drive is still rotated by rotors, and the torque for vehicle acceleration will be transmitted through the wheel studs and wheel spacers. BONOSS is ready to launch the slip-on type 4Runner wheel spacers, which have a more optimized structure than the bolt-on type, reducing the force on the wheel spacers and relying more on the wheel studs as the main force.

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4Runner wheel spacers are effective for offset adjustment, especially because they have multiple thicknesses. The offset refers to the distance from the centerline of the wheel to the mounting surface. The offset of stock wheels is typically set to 30-50 positive values, and the wheel is wrapped on the inside by the fender to reduce water and dirt splashing from the tires during driving. Since the 4Runner wheel spacers are mounted between the hub assembly and the wheels, the distance from the mounting surface of the wheel to the centerline is reduced, and the reduced offset value is the thickness of the wheel spacers.

It is common for customers to choose to adjust the offset for body stance or hardware upgrade. 4Runner wheel spacers are chosen by more and more customers as cost-effective aftermarket wheel parts, and everyone is also very concerned about a series of problems about 4Runner wheel spacers, including thickness size, installation problems, structural problems, quality problems, etc. BONOSS will help you to understand wheel spacers more comprehensively in the following.

Are 2023 Toyota 4Runner Wheel Spacers Good for 4WD?

Most off-roaders choose the 2023 Toyota 4Runner wheel spacers because of that they can adjust the offset and increase the track of the front and rear wheels. The longer track and less offset help off-road vehicles with more ground clearance gain more stability on the horizontal plane, helping the vehicle to be less likely to roll when going through larger obstacles. The increased maneuverability will help you get through creeks, gravel, desert, and other complex terrains.

4WD system models allow the use of 4Runner wheel spacers, and the increased track does not affect the operation of the drivetrain. As long as the matching hub-centric wheel spacers are selected, they are as safe as the stock setting.

2023 Toyota 4Runner wheel spacers are sometimes referred to as wheel adapters because custom wheel spacers can be set to two lug patterns. You can consult with BONOSS sales to customize wheel adapters. We usually need the lug pattern of the aftermarket wheels and the specific year of the model. 4Runner wheel spacers are included in the customization of the inner and outer diameter of the center hole because most manufacturers have made larger center holes to fit more model settings, and the accuracy of the center hole often affects the safety of wheel spacers, which is contrary to lug-centric.

Wider off-road tires are often the cause of friction. Due to the offset setting of the stock wheels, wider tires rub against the 2023 Toyota 4Runner’s suspension components or control arms. The option to replace the offset wheels or install 4Runner wheel spacers can solve the problem by pushing the wheels away from the body. Increasing wheel clearance allows tires to be mounted. For example, replacing 245 OE tires with 285 aftermarket tires will have a certain chance of causing friction, and depending on the friction, 1-inch or 2-inch 4Runner wheel spacers can be selected for adjustment.

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2023 Toyota 4Runner Wheel Spacers Facts-Can Wheel Spacers for Offroad-xu (3)

Are 2023 Toyota 4Runner Wheel Spacers Trusted?

Wheel spacers were used on race tracks to increase the vehicle’s stability in corners. The longer track will help the vehicle spread the load evenly and reduce the shift of the vehicle’s center of gravity, thus allowing the vehicle to gain more speed advantage in corners. The later application in off-road models is to consider that the increase in ground clearance of the vehicle may affect the stability of the horizontal plane, with the help of wheel spacers will extend the track to help the vehicle increase stability.

Different models use different types of wheel spacers. For example, the 2023 Toyota 4Runner uses wheel studs and lug nuts structure wheel spacers, and the Jeep Cherokee uses wheel bolts. Their principle is fixed on the hub assembly and installed with additional components.

The wheel studs of the 4Runner wheel spacers are subjected to shear forces generated by the vehicle drive, and the disc body is subjected to certain external forces because the wheel studs are nested in the disc body. The lug nuts are subjected to the clamping forces generated by the standard torque to ensure that the wheel spacers work properly semi-fixedly.

The various parts of the wheel spacers are subjected to different external forces, which require them to have excellent performance and are produced by forging technology. Forged products eliminate the disadvantages of air pockets or structural incompleteness in the casting process, and forged products have improved performance and a tighter structure.

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BONOSS insists on designing and producing at a standard higher than the industry, and all products can be trusted. We use forged 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 to produce the disc body part of 4Runner wheel spacers. 6061-T6 is now considered the standard production material. At the same time, 7075-T6 is a high-performance material unique to BONOSS, with 40% higher tensile and yield strength than the former to ensure it is perfect for off-road scenarios.

BONOSS adopts SCM440 and 40Cr steel alloy as fastener material, 12.9-grade wheel studs, and 10-grade lug nuts that can bear loads and intense driving. All parts have undergone professional destructive testing by European SGS and TUV to ensure the ultimate tensile strength and proof-load values. More than 66 authoritative test reports can prove that their performance can stand the test.

The 0.02mm data accuracy is also a feature of BONOSS, higher accuracy will help the center hole of wheel spacers to match the hub assembly, reducing the possibility of vibration at high speed, and lug pattern matching is also higher. Whether it’s 4Runner wheel spacers or custom wheel adapters, they must be accurate to 0.02mm. BONOSS has measured data from over 95% of the models on the market. Whether the playable Honda Civic or the off-road Tacoma, we can provide high-precision wheel spacers. And data for new models will be verified as soon as two weeks after release.

Different rust prevention technologies are applied to 4Runner wheel spacers. BONOSS uses different rust prevention technologies for different materials and stress structures. Durable hard anodizing technology is used on the wheel body part because the surface of forged aluminum alloy has a layer of air-barrier aluminum oxide, and hard anodizing thickens the oxide layer to prevent rust. BONOSS selects wheel studs and lug nuts to use advanced Dacromet rust prevention technology because they cause friction during installation, which allows fasteners to maintain good rust resistance during installation and extend their service life.

What Is the Best Size of 2023 Toyota 4Runner Wheel Spacers?

BONOSS will recommend different thicknesses of 4Runner wheel spacers for different applications. 20mm-25mm wheel spacers are ideal for driving your 4Runner on city roads. Adjusting the offset will give your 4Runner an off-road style and full lines. And it is limited by some of the laws that do apply (wheels are not allowed to protrude over the fenders, causing an impact on pedestrians).

If you want to go off-road, BONOSS recommends installing 1-inch or more or 2-inch 4Runner wheel spacers, as they are a popular thickness option. You don’t have to worry about the impact of wheel spacers on wheel bearings or other components because, for 4Runner-type off-road SUVs, the stock chassis is strong enough to allow the use of wheel spacers.

Some special cases may exist when upgrading the brake kit and require the help of 4Runner wheel spacers. The wider caliper thickness of aftermarket brakes causes friction with the wheels’ spokes during installation. The above situation mostly happens in sedan cases, but of course, we do not exclude the above situation. 10mm-15 mm wheel spacers will provide enough space to allow the caliper installation.

BONOSS currently offers 4Runner wheel spacers in two materials, they are priced between 100 USD – 350 USD, 7075-T6 is slightly more expensive, and the increase in thickness will be more expensive. BONOSS recommends you use 6061-T6 wheel spacers because they are reliable.

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2023 Toyota 4Runner Wheel Spacers Facts-Can Wheel Spacers for Offroad-xu (1)
2023 Toyota 4Runner Wheel Spacers Facts-Can Wheel Spacers for Offroad-xu (1)