If you’re looking to customize the look of your 2023 Honda with aftermarket wheels, you may be wondering what size wheel spacers are best to use. Wheel spacers change the position of the wheels relative to the hub, effectively increasing the track width of the vehicle for a more aggressive stance. However, putting on wheel spacers does come with some safety considerations. In this post, we’ll look at some recommendations for safe 2023 Honda wheel spacer sizing.

What is the Safest 2023 Honda Wheel Spacers Size?

Is it OK to Use 2023 Honda Wheel Spacers?

In general, using quality wheel spacers within the recommended size range is fine on a 2023 Honda. Wheel spacers allow you to use wheels with lower offsets while retaining proper clearance and geometry. Just keep a few guidelines in mind:

Only use hub-centric spacers that properly center on the hub. This avoids vibration and stress on components.

Don’t exceed 1.5 inches of total spacer width. Going wider can over-stress hubs and suspension.

Stick to reputable brands like BONOSS that design spacers specifically for certain Honda models.

Check that the spacer has the proper bore size and bolt pattern for your Honda’s hubs.

Carefully follow torque specifications when installing spacers and wheels.

What Size is Best for 2023 Honda Wheel Spacers?

For most 2023 Honda models, including the Civic, Accord, CR-V and Odyssey, wheel spacers between 15mm and 40mm are considered safe. Here are some more specific recommendations:

2023 Honda Civic: 15-25mm spacers for front and rear.

2023 Honda Accord: 20-30mm front, 25-40mm rear.

2023 Honda CR-V: 25mm front and rear.

2023 Honda Odyssey: 20mm front, 25mm rear.

These sizes are based on the stock suspension and brake systems. If you’ve modified those, you’ll need to carefully calculate new spacer sizing. Exceeding these recommendations can over-stress components and alter critical alignment settings.

What Size Wheels are on the Honda CR-V 2023?

The 2023 Honda CR-V comes equipped from the factory with 18-inch alloy wheels. Front wheel size is 235/60R18 and the rear is 235/55R18.

If you want to upgrade to aftermarket wheels, you have some flexibility. Many owners install 19 or 20-inch wheels on the CR-V with proper tires and moderate lowering. Just keep in mind the wheel spacer guidelines mentioned above if you need to adjust offset with spacers. Sticking to around 25mm front and rear is ideal for larger wheels.

Which 2023 Honda wheel spacers are best?

BONOSS is one of the most trusted brands in wheel spacers for Honda. They provide the safest and high-quality 2023 Honda wheel spacers in the market

Precise engineering and CAD design specifically for Honda models. This ensures perfect fit and structural integrity.

  • TÜV and SGS approved and rigorously tested for safety and durability.
  • CNC machined from aircraft-grade 7075T6 aluminum alloy for lightweight strength.
  • Anodized coating resists corrosion from weather and road debris.
  • Hub-centric design properly centers wheels on the hub.
  • Easy bolted installation without any modifications needed.
  • Maintains critical suspension geometry when sized correctly.
  • Available in precise sizes to work with your desired wheels.

By selecting the recommended size for your particular 2023 Honda model, BONOSS spacers allow running wider, more aggressive wheels safely. They deliver an optimized track stance without compromising handling or safety. Follow the tips above and you can customize your Honda’s look confidently with wheel spacers.