2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers can increase wheel clearance for a functional upgrade. Many Mazda customers are not fully aware of what wheel spacers can do, and we would like to present you with more comprehensive information on wheel spacers. The 2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers will give you a fuller body and a more aggressive stance, but you may not know that wheel spacers can also be used to modify high-performance brake kits and beautiful aftermarket wheels. Vehicle modifications often show the owner’s attitude toward life and the pursuit of aesthetics.

2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers are a product for Mazda CX5 models. BONOSS sells wheel parts for all Mazda models, including wheel spacers, wheel adapters, lug nuts, etc., aftermarket. The brand background, product material, design, etc., can identify the quality of wheel parts. If you want to know how to wheel spacers affect the 2023 Mazda CX5, you can refer to our answer below.

Will 2023 Mazda CX5 Wheel Spacers Make an Aggressive Stance?

2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers are used to increase wheel clearance. The value of the stock offset is generally between 30-50. A conservative positive offset fixes the wheel to the inner side of the fender to prevent water from splashing on pedestrians during driving. A reduced wheel offset moves the wheel to the outside of the vehicle. Many customers feel that recessed wheels detract from the vehicle’s overall appearance, and adjusting the offset to obtain a fuller body line will go a long way toward solving the aesthetic problem. A 10mm or 15mm gap will make a difference in the look of the wheel position.

An aggressive stance can usually be achieved by lowering the body height, installing a wide body kit, replacing aftermarket wheels, etc. While 2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers are one of the modification options, some of the Hellaflush modification players will choose large wheel spacers to help the wheels flush with the wide body kit, and some sports cars choose to install wheel spacers in the rear wheels alone to increase the rear wheel steering grip.

Can 2023 Mazda CX5 Wheel Spacers Help Better Handling?

2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers are designed to improve the vehicle’s handling by increasing the track of the front and rear wheels. The vehicle will gain more traction during the steering process, and for vehicles, with larger loads, the center of gravity will shift less, the roll angle will be less, and the steering will be smoother.

Professional racing cars will install wheel spacers to increase the stability of the corner, helping the car to gain a speed advantage in the corner. Different positions will affect the vehicle to get different traction. The front wheel spacers increase the track will reduce the tendency of understeer, and the rear wheel spacers will reduce the tendency of oversteering.

We mentioned that some performance sports car customers choose to add traction to the rear wheels to reduce power transformation waste. BONOSS offers wheel spacers for the 2023 Mazda CX5 and high-performance SUVs such as the Lamborghini Urus. Wheel spacers enhance traction during steering, while the change in steering feels brought about by the increased track can be improved with modern electronic power assist systems.


Hub-centric 2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers have always been considered safer than lug-centric products because they overlap with the neck of the hub assembly, ensuring that the stressed structure remains centered. The high precision ensures they do not experience the same wear as lug-centric products, where the center hole is generally designed to have a larger clearance to match more models. The reliance on lug nuts to hold wheel spacers in place will cause the bolt holes to experience greater road feedback during driving, resulting in wear and a reduction in the clamping force of the lug nuts.

2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers by forging can eliminate defects such as cast looseness produced by the metal in the smelting process and optimize the microstructure, while the mechanical properties of forgings are generally better than castings of the same material due to the preservation of the complete metal flow. More forgings are used in related machinery with high loads and severe working conditions of important parts.

Forged 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 are commonly used in producing 2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers. The aluminum alloy material has better toughness and tensile strength, as the wheel studs are nested in the bolt holes of the disc body, and the wheels are fixed to the wheel studs of the wheel spacers, which means wheel spacers are affected by certain external forces during use.

Are BONOSS 2023 Mazda CX5 Wheel Spacers Reliable?

The safety of the wheel spacers has been proven over long periods, and the 2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers have been designed with a bolt-on and hub-centric construction to reduce the possibility of breakage and falling off at high speeds or during aggressive driving. The wheel spacers are fixed with 0.02mm precision center holes nested on the hub assembly to ensure that the wheels are also in a concentric position, reducing the possibility of gap resonance.

Tightening all lug nuts will ensure the fixation of 2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers and wheels. BONOSS recommends different torque for different threaded lug nuts. For example, M12x1.5 lug nuts for 2023 Mazda CX5 wheel spacers require 113NM (83.3Ft-TB), ensuring 6.5 turns of installation and a threaded engagement of approximately 10mm. The clamping force generated by tightening the lug nuts ensures the locking of the part, while BONOSS tapers the contact surface between the lug nuts and the bolt hole to ensure high static friction.

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