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BONOSS 2023 Toyota wheel stud conversion is always safe, choosing a high-quality titanium wheel stud conversion will give you a higher performance product than stock wheel bolts as well as steel bolts. The material of titanium wheel stud conversion has sufficient data to support it, and the principle of wheel stud conversion itself is more friendly to wheel hubs and hub assembly kits, in addition, the added value of wheel stud conversion is not just simply locking the wheel hub, it can also be used with wheel spacers, so if you choose wheel spacers, you may want to consider this hot product set.

Toyota Supra Wheel Stud Conversion Is Safe

Titanium alloy model Ti6-6.5Ai-3.5Mo-1.5Zr-0.3Si is safe for wheel stud conversion, which is tested by TUV, SGS, and other institutions, where tensile strength refers to the maximum stress the material can withstand before breaking when it is stretched or pulled. This value reaches 1080 MPa, which is twice as much as that of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. We know that 7075-T6 wheel spacers are already high-performance products, while titanium wheel stud conversion has more extreme performance, which is why titanium is an expensive raw material. The money spent on processing also determines that it can only be selected by a small number of customers, but this does not affect its unique and superior performance in any way.

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Among the performance criteria mentioned above is the Proof Load Test, a proof load test involves applying controlled force for a definite time interval to load-bearing equipment. Our products have been tested up to 138.8 kN, which shows that titanium wheel stud conversion can maintain its excellent performance under high pressure. These data are only part of the data, there are also hardness tests, BONOSS sent them to professional testing institutions because we hope that these visual data can provide customers with visual security, which is also the brand characteristic of BONOSS, using visual data instead of false and exaggerated advertising words. In addition, we know that titanium, a metal characterized by easy reaction with oxygen, forms an oxygen-rich layer that protects itself from rust and erosion.

Forging Make It Safe

The forging process can greatly improve the performance of the material, compared with the cast products, repeated forging products have a more dense structure, casting products may exist cavities or uneven structure, especially wheel stud conversion parts used in critical locations encounter uneven force, the product itself due to uneven force and fracture is a very dangerous thing.

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Safer Installation

The installation process of wheel stud conversion is safer than wheel bolts, and many customers feel safer locking the wheels after installing wheel studs, but the installation of wheel bolts requires the assistance of a wheel hanger, most customers do not have too professional installation tools, most people’s practice is to hold up the wheel and then align the wheel bolt with the hole, and the single wheel bolts may slip and break the threads. A more serious situation is that the wheel falls and hurts you, which can be avoided by using wheel stud conversion.

Are 2023 Toyota Supra Wheel Stud Conversion Safe?-xu (1)

Are 2023 Toyota Supra Wheel Stud Conversion Safe?-xu (2)

Wheel Stud Conversion Can Match Wheel Spacers

BONOSS produces a 75mm titanium wheel stud conversion that can match slip-on hub-centric wheel spacers up to 20mm for use, without the need to purchase specific length aftermarket wheel bolts, which are better looking than wheel bolts. The prominent length will make your wheel more attractive. The three colors of wheel stud conversion are also exclusive to BONOSS, you will hardly find such a good product in aftermarket parts.

Are 2023 Toyota Supra Wheel Stud Conversion Safe?-xu (3)

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