If you own a 2023 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, you may be wondering if installing wheel spacers is a good idea. Wheel spacers are metal adapters that go between your wheels and hub to push the wheels outward for a wider stance. Running spacers on a Tacoma can provide some benefits, but there are also a few things to consider before bolting them on. In this post, we’ll take a look at what 2023 Toyota Tacoma wheel spacers do, and whether they make the ride rougher.

What Do 2023 Toyota Tacoma Wheel Spacers Do?

The main purpose of wheel spacers on a 2023 Tacoma is to increase the track width – the distance between the left and right wheels. This wider stance gives your truck a more aggressive, muscular look. The extra width also helps to:

  • Improve stability by widening the wheelbase
  • Allow larger tires to fit without rubbing
  • Move the wheels outboard to clear suspension components or brakes
  • Center the wheels in fender wells for a flush fitment

Increasing track width makes the most visual impact when you go up in wheel size. For example, switching from a 16-inch factory wheel to an 18-inch aftermarket wheel gives you two extra inches of diameter. Add a 1.5-inch spacer, and now you’ve pushed the wheels out 1.5 inches total for a very noticeable change in stance.

Do 2023 Toyota Tacoma Wheel Spacers Make the Ride Rough?

Quality 2023 Toyota Tacoma wheel spacers will not make the ride rough when you install them properly. Installing spacers pushes the wheels further out, increasing the vehicle track and aid on grip when turning. Meanwhile, with a quality spacer designed specifically for your Tacoma, your ride will be safty-guaranteed.

Here are some tips to keep your ride smooth with spacers.

  • Stick to 1.5 inches or less of added track width.
  • Have your alignment checked and adjusted to factory specs.
  • Use hub-centric spacers that center on the hub for smooth running.
  • Go with billet aluminum spacers for strength and balanced weight.

The small change in leverage from a 1- to 1.5-inch spacer is negligible, especially if you upgrade bushings and realign. Drivers report just a subtle difference in turning response, not a rough or bouncy ride. As long as you use high-quality hub-centric spacers designed for your Tacoma’s bolt pattern and setup, ride quality degradation should be a non-issue.

Anyone run 2023 Toyota Tacoma wheel spacers?

Which Spacers Are the Best for 2023 Toyota Tacoma?

When shopping for wheel spacers for your 2023 Tacoma, look for a brand designed specifically for your truck with the right fitment, features, materials, and strength. BONOSS makes one of the best spacer kits specially engineered for the latest Tacomas.  Here are a few reasons why BONOSS stands out.

  • Precise CNC Machining – Milled from forged 7075T6 billet aluminum for tight tolerances.
  • Active cooling technique to cool the spacers and wheels
  • Anodized Black Finish – Better corrosion resistance and appearance vs powder coating.
  • Hub-Centric Design – Precisely centers on hub for smooth running. No vibrations.
  • Complete Hardware – Comes with studs and lugs specific to Tacoma.
  • Meets Standards – Manufactured to ISO strict quality control.
  • 10-Year Warranty – Backed by a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

BONOSS spacers are also competitively priced and customer-praised. You can find spacer kits for 2019-2023 Tacoma 4×2 and 4×4 models in sizes from 1 to 2 inches. They offer an easy DIY installation with detailed instructions. Just take your time to properly torque the wheel bolts to spec.

Opening up the factory wheel stance gives your 2023 Toyota Tacoma a wider, more planted look, especially when paired with larger wheels and tires. Thanks to their precise design, quality hardware, and durable billet aluminum construction, BONOSS spacers allow you to achieve that aggressive off-road stance without making the ride overly harsh. Just remember to keep the track width increase moderate, upgrade any worn suspension parts, and get a proper alignment. Your Tacoma will take on trails and streets without issue while turning heads everywhere you go.

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