Installing wheel spacers on your 2024 BMW M4 can completely transform the look and handling of your ride. While many M4 owners opt for expensive wheel upgrades to get that aggressive stance, wheel spacers offer an affordable and reversible alternative. In this post, we’ll walk through the process of installing wheel spacers on a 2024 M4 and explain why BONOSS spacers are the best choice for these performance cars.

Why Use 2024 BMW M4 wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are circular plates that sit between your wheel and hub. By pushing your wheels outward, spacers give your ride a wider track width. This delivers three key benefits:

  • Wider Stance – Spacers push the wheels beyond the fenders for an eye-catching aggressive look. Wider tires and more dish further accentuate the effect.
  • Improved Handling – Increasing track width improves high-speed stability and cornering by reducing body roll.
  • Wheel Fitment – They allow you to run wider wheels and tires that otherwise wouldn’t fit.

2024 BMW M4 wheel spacers install

Which Brand 2024 BMW M4 wheel spacers are best?

BONOSS 2024 BMW M4 wheel spacers are CNC-machined from 6061T6 aluminum alloy for maximum strength at minimum weight. They use durable anodized coating and come with all necessary hardware. Compared to other brands, BONOSS stands out with:

  • Precise Fitment – With tolerances as tight as 0.02mm, they deliver a vibration-free ride.
  • High Strength – The 7075T6 alloy offers great tensile strength to handle high horsepower.
  • Lightweight – Lighter than steel but just as strong, reducing extra load on components.
  • Anodized Coating – The anodized layer protects against corrosion and weathering.
  • Complete Kit – Comes with extended studs and all tools needed for hassle-free install.
  • Safety First Design – CNC precision and rigorous testing ensures a safe install.

With quality assured, easy install, and stunning results, BONOSS wheel spacers are the top choice for the M4.

Installing 2024 BMW M4 Wheel Spacers

Now that you know why spacers are a great mod and BONOSS delivers the best, let’s get into the installation process:

Gather Tools & Supplies: You’ll need the spacer kit along with basic hand tools – socket set, torque wrench, breaker bar, jack, and jack stands.

Jack Up the Car & Remove Wheels: Safely lift the car and support on jack stands. With access to the wheel wells, remove all lug bolts and wheels.

Install Wheel Spacers: Place the new studs through the spacer and thread them into the hub by hand.

Reinstall Wheels & Tighten Lugs: Put the wheels back on with the spacers sitting flush against the hub. Snug the lugs by hand then lower the car.

Torque Lug Nuts & Recheck: With the M4 on the ground, torque the lugs to factory spec (85-100 ft-lbs) in a star pattern. After 5-10 miles, recheck the torque.

Double check all hardware is tight – don’t skip this important step!

Enjoy Your New Stance!: Get out there and enjoy the improved looks and handling! Take it easy while you get used to the new width and have all bolts re-torqued after 500 miles. Properly installed with precision BONOSS wheel spacers, your M4 will carve corners better than ever while turning heads everywhere you go. Just be prepared for the extra attention!