If you’re looking to give your 2024 BMW X5 G05 a more aggressive stance and improved handling, installing wheel spacers is a popular modification. Wheel spacers create additional clearance between the wheel and hub, allowing you to run wider wheels and tires for better grip and traction. But what size wheel spacers should you get for your X5 G05?

What size are 2024 BMW X5 G05 wheel spacers?

The optimal wheel spacer size depends on a few factors – your wheel/tire specifications, desired look, and driving needs. As a general guideline, most X5 owners opt for spacers in the range of 10-25mm per side. Less than 10mm may not provide a very noticeable stance change.

For a subtle, performance-oriented stance, 12-15mm spacers tend to be a nice sweet spot on the X5 G05. This pushes the wheels out just enough to fill out the arches nicely. If you want a more aggressive look with wheels poking out further, 20-25mm spacers can provide that iconic “square” BMW fitment.

Ultimately, the wheel spacer size depends on your personal preferences balanced with maintaining proper clearances and dynamics. It’s recommended to consult with a specialized BMW tuner to ensure you select a safe and appropriate spacer size for your particular setup.

2024 BMW X5 G05 Wheel Spacers Size Guide 2024 BMW X5 G05 Wheel Spacers Size Guide

What type of 2024 BMW X5 G05 wheel spacers are better?

When selecting wheel spacers for your BMW X5 G05, there are various types and qualities to consider. While more affordable hub-centric spacers are available, going with a premium option from a reputable manufacturer is highly advisable for performance, safety and longevity.

This brings us to BONOSS wheel spacers, which represent an excellent premium choice that ticks all the boxes for X5 owners. Here’s why BONOSS spacers stand out.

Extremely Lightweight Design. BONOSS spacers feature a fully forged, precision-machined construction from premium aluminum alloy. This results in an extremely lightweight yet ultra-strong design, reducing rotational mass for sharper acceleration, braking and handling response.

Forged AL6061-T6 with Tensile Strength ≥ 310MPa. The AL6061-T6 aluminum alloy used has an impressively high tensile strength rating of over 310 MPa. This aerospace-grade material provides exceptional strength and durability to withstand the extreme forces and loads seen in high-performance driving scenarios.

Multi-Stage Hubcentric Design, More Stable at High-Speed. BONOSS employs a robust multi-step hubcentric design that centers the wheel spacer perfectly on the hub for outstanding concentricity. This ensures smooth, vibration-free operation even at highway speeds, unlike cheaper spacers that can cause shaking and instability.

ISO Grade 12.9 Wheel Bolts with Gasket Structure, Strength ≥ 1282MPa. The wheel bolts included with BONOSS spacers are constructed from ultra-high strength ISO Grade 12.9 hardware that meets or exceeds all BMW specifications. With a minimum tensile strength over 1282 MPa and a special gasket-style design, you can rest assured these bolts will never let go.

Customized Only in 1-3 Days, OEM/ODM Available. What really sets BONOSS apart is their ability to quickly customize wheel spacers to your exact specs in just 1-3 days through their advanced manufacturing capabilities. 

Over 66 SGS TÜV Test Reports Certificated. To back up their product quality, BONOSS wheel spacers have undergone and passed over 66 different SGS and TÜV test standards covering areas like metallurgy, strength, safety and more. 

Worry-Free 10 Years Warranty, Friendly Customer Service. Finally, BONOSS provides a comprehensive 10-year warranty on their wheel spacers for complete peace of mind. Combined with their responsive and knowledgeable customer service team, you can buy with confidence.

For BMW X5 G05 owners who want maximum performance, safety and quality from their wheel spacer upgrade, BONOSS represents an outstanding choice. Their precision engineering, rigorous testing standards, quick turnaround times and lengthy warranty really make them stand out in the wheel spacer market.

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