2024 Jaguar XF wheel spacers create additional clearance between the rotor and the wheel hub. They are securely fastened using wheel studs and lug nuts to ensure proper functionality. Wheel spacers are commonly regarded as auxiliary tools for vehicle modifications, particularly when installing larger brake calipers or aftermarket wheel parts to enhance the vehicle’s appearance.

These spacers are typically manufactured using materials such as aluminum alloy or steel, and the manufacturer processes them to specific thicknesses before selling them. The principle behind their use is to increase the vehicle’s track width, which refers to the distance between the left and right wheels on the same axle.

What Do 2024 Jaguar XF Wheel Spacers Do?

By installing 2024 Jaguar XF wheel spacers, you can achieve a wider track width, pushing the wheels farther away from the vehicle’s body. This can bring various benefits, including improved handling, enhanced stability during cornering, and a more aggressive stance. With a wider track, the vehicle’s center of gravity is lowered, reducing body roll and increasing overall stability.

One common application of 2024 Jaguar XF wheel spacers is when customers desire to install larger aftermarket brakes, possibly from renowned brands like Brembo or AP Racing. Larger calipers with more pistons can enhance braking efficiency, but these components are larger than stock brakes, resulting in insufficient wheel hub backspacing. Wheel spacers can increase this clearance and secure themselves using additional lug nuts and wheel studs.

2024 Jaguar XF wheel spacers can also fulfill customers’ desires for a more pronounced body line. Stock ET values are typically conservative, causing the wheel hubs to sit approximately 20mm-30mm inside the fender. If you wish to bring the wheel hubs to a flush position with the body, utilizing wheel spacers to correct the ET value can be cost-effective.

For the luxury sedan Jaguar XF, produced by Jaguar Land Rover, wheel spacers have the potential to enhance its already impressive performance and aesthetics. The specific details of the 2024 Jaguar XF model may carry forward previous chassis specifications with some innovative updates. BONOSS designs wheel spacers for the 2024 Jaguar XF to allow for customized designs that cater to the vehicle’s specific wheel hub and bolt pattern.

What Are 2024 Jaguar XF Wheel Spacers and What Do They Do?

What Are 2024 Jaguar XF Wheel Spacers and What Do They Do?

How about BONOSS 2024 Jaguar XF Wheel Spacers?

BONOSS offers forged active cooling hub centric 5×4.25 2024 Jaguar XF wheel spacers made from AL6061-T6 and AL7075-T6 materials. These spacers are specifically designed for Jaguar XF X250 and X260 models from 2007 onward. BONOSS stays attentive to the release of new vehicle models each year and strives to acquire chassis data as soon as the vehicles are launched. We always recommend selecting wheel spacers designed for your vehicle brand and model to ensure proper installation and compatibility.

BONOSS provides 2024 Jaguar XF wheel spacers made of forged aluminum alloy because it offers an ideal balance of strength and toughness while being lighter than steel materials. This is an optimized solution for sedans, as off-road vehicles typically require wheel spacers with higher strength due to their chassis requirements and the ability to accommodate larger and heavier components.

On the other hand, Sedans need to consider factors such as unsprung weight and driving scenarios. The forged aluminum alloy undergoes a hard anodizing process, further enhancing its durability by protecting the internal metal from rusting and corrosion.

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BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5 Lug Wheel Adapters Aluminum Wheel Spacers (1)
BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5 Lug Wheel Adapters Aluminum Wheel Spacers (1)