If you own a 2024 Mazda CX3 and want to give it a more aggressive stance, installing Mazda CX3 wheel spacers is a great modification. Wheel spacers push the wheels outward from the hub, effectively widening the track of the vehicle. This can make the CX3 look lower, wider, and just overall more badass. But is it safe to install spacers on the CX3? Let’s take a closer look.

Safety First When Using Mazda CX3 Wheel Spacers

The most important consideration when installing wheel spacers is safety. You want to make sure you get well-engineered, high quality spacers that are designed specifically for your vehicle. Choosing cheap spacers that don’t properly fit can lead to vibration, wheel wobble, and even spacer failure.

Quality spacers like the BONOSS 2024 Mazda CX3 wheel spacers are precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum. They come with all the proper fasteners and components for a complete hassle-free install. BONOSS spacers are engineered to perfectly fit the CX3 hub and wheel studs. This ensures the wheels seat flush and maintain proper alignment.

Proper Fitment is Critical for Mazda CX3 Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers must fit precisely to work as intended. The hub-centric design of BONOSS Mazda CX3 wheel spacers centers the wheels perfectly on the hub. This prevents vibration that can occur if the wheel is allowed to shift side to side. The spacers also match the CX3’s lug pattern and thread pitch. So you can securely fasten the wheels without issue.

Spacer thickness is also important for proper fitment and performance. BONOSS offers the CX3 spacers in 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 40mm sizes. Most CX3 owners find the 15-25mm spacers give the perfect added width without compromising performance.

Anyone run 2024 Mazda CX3 wheel spacers?

Maintenance is Key for Longevity

Like any automotive accessory, proper maintenance is key for wheel spacers to last. It’s important to periodically check the spacer fasteners for proper torque. The wheels and tires should also be balanced anytime spacers are installed.

With quality spacers like BONOSS properly installed and maintained, thousands of trouble-free miles can be expected. The aircraft grade aluminum construction is highly durable to withstand whatever the road throws at them. The spacers carry a lifetime structural warranty for added peace of mind.

Overall, wheel spacers are a safe modification for the 2024 Mazda CX3 when proper precautions are taken. Choosing a quality engineered spacer designed for the specific application is critical. This ensures proper fitment, wheel alignment, and safety. With the right spacers in place, owners can enjoy the improved stance and aggressive look spacers provide. Transform your CX3 today with wheel spacers from BONOSS!