If you own a Nissan 370Z, you may be wondering if installing spacers will affect its performance. Spacers are a popular mod for 370Z owners looking to change up the look and stance of their Z car. But what effect, if any, do spacers have on how your 370Z drives? Let’s take a closer look.

Do 370Z Spacers Affect Handling?

When installed correctly using high-quality spacers, you should not notice any negative impact on handling. A wider track can actually improve handling by reducing body roll. The extra track width also provides more tire surface area in contact with the road.

It’s generally recommended to stay within 15-25mm of 370Z spacer thickness for optimal performance and durability.

The quality of the spacers also matters. Cheap spacers may not fit properly or stand up to abuse. Go with a reputable brand like BONOSS that uses high-grade billet aluminum for maximum strength.

Changing the offset of your wheels via spacers has a negligible effect on acceleration and straight line speed.

Braking force should not be affected by the use of moderate spacers either. The only consideration is making sure wheels with added spacers clear your brake calipers and don’t cause interference.

Some owners with big brake kits may need to use thinner spacers to maintain proper caliper clearance. Always double check for any potential clearance issues before driving with new spacers installed.

Do 370Z Spacers Affect Performance?

Why BONOSS 370Z Spacers Are Best?

If you’ve decided to upgrade your 370Z with spacers, BONOSS should be your brand of choice. Here are some key benefits BONOSS 370Z spacers offers.

  • Aircraft grade 6061T6 or 7075T6 aluminum construction – ultra strong and lightweight
  • Active cooling grooves to cool brakes
  • CNC machined for perfect hub-centric fitment
  • Black anodized finish for durability and corrosion resistance
  • 15mm to 50mm sizes available to suit all needs
  • Made specifically for the Nissan 370Z for guaranteed compatibility
  • Enhances visual stance
  • Backed by 10-year warranty for peace of mind

Sticking to 370Z spacers made from aluminum provides an ideal balance of improved stance and offset with no downsides to handling, acceleration, braking, or comfort. Just be sure to check for proper wheel clearance after installation.

With the right brand and size spacers matched to your specific Nissan 370Z, you can give your Z car the meaner, wider presence you want without sacrificing how it drives. Spacers open up more options for custom offsets and styles that truly personalize the look of your 370Z.