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5×108 wheel spacers can fit 2023 Ford Maverick stock wheels perfectly. 5×108 can be expressed in inches as 5×4.25″ wheel spacers. 5×108 (5×4.25″) refers to a 5 lug, lug pattern with a 108mm (4.25″) diameter pitch circle. If the 2023 Ford Maverick wheel spacers are to be installed, the inside diameter of the vehicle’s stock wheel and brake rotor should be measured. Reducing the tolerance of wheel spacers to less than 0.1mm will ensure that the parts produce a large frictional force.

How 5×108 Wheel Spacers Fit 2023 Ford Maverick?

Before manufacturing 5×108 wheel spacers, BONOSS uses professional laser distance measurement, micrometer, vernier scale, and other precision instruments to measure the lug pattern of hub assembly and stock wheels hub-centric. BONOSS keeps the accuracy of the measurement data below 0.02 mm to ensure sufficient refinement in the production of 5×108 wheel spacers. after BONOSS obtains the data and sends it to the database, the factory cuts the discs from the aluminum billets and processes them using CNC machines.

Rough machining cuts the general shape of the 5×108 wheel spacers, and finishing cuts the center ring and bolt holes. BONOSS designed a more accurate multi-stage hub-centric based on the 2023 Ford Maverick stock wheels and brake rotor, making the inner and outer diameters of the hub-centric fit the part better. The specific curvature of the hub-centric increases the contact surface of the part, and the static friction generated by tightening all the lug nuts helps the 5×108 wheel spacers hold their position.

The bolt holes for 5×108 wheel spacers have various data because the seat curvature of the lug nuts is considered. Full-cone seat and special cone seat correspond to different thicknesses of 5×108 wheel spacers, with special lug nuts to ensure that the depth of the bolt holes and the lug nut seat fit perfectly and that the lug nuts produce sufficient clamping force to fasten the wheel spacers with a standard torque.

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Are 5×108 Wheel Spacers Safe for 2023 Ford Maverick?

The safety of 5×108 wheel spacers is related to the tensile strength of the wheel studs and the torque of lug nuts. When accelerating the vehicle, the torque will be achieved by the cross-sectional shear force that wheel studs are subjected to, which drives the wheel hub to rotate. Wheel studs are generally made of steel alloys, which have greater tensile strength than aluminum alloys and are less susceptible to plastic deformation, considering that key components are subjected to large external forces.

5×108 wheel spacers are made of SCM440 high-variable steel alloy, and the grade of wheel studs is classified according to lug bolts standard. Generally, sedans use 10.9-grade wheel studs and 8-grade lug nuts as standard, considering the vehicle load is not large. These grades of parts can fasten the wheels for safe driving. 5×108 wheel spacers’ wheel studs are grade 12.9, and the lug nuts are grade 10. They can withstand greater torque, the tensile strength of the wheel studs reaches 1220MPa, the proof load reaches 121,000N, and at the same time have good rust resistance, and the Neutral Salt Spray reaches 500H duration.

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Where to Buy 5×108 Wheel Spacers for 2023 Ford Maverick?

BONOSS offers 5×108 wheel spacers for every generation of Ford Maverick. They are made of forged aluminum alloy, which has a more continuous structure and eliminates air pockets that can be created by casting. In addition, BONOSS has designed heat dissipation grooves to increase airflow and reduce the impact of heat on other parts during brake operation, helping 5×108 wheel spacers maintain good mechanical performance at high temperatures.

You can find the corresponding products in the BONOSS store. The picture below will lead you to the 5×108 wheel spacers page, and we also offer other aftermarket accessories for the 2023 Ford Maverick.

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