If you’re the proud owner of an Acura Integra Type S, you know you’ve got a real performance machine on your hands. This sporty little coupe was built for driving thrills, with its high-revving VTEC engine, slick-shifting manual transmission, and well-tuned suspension. For many Integra owners, one of the first upgrades they look at is upgrading the wheels and tires for an even more aggressive stance.

Wider wheels and tires can definitely transform the look and handling of your Integra. But to properly fit larger diameter wheels, you’ll likely need wheel spacers to increase the track width and push the wheels out a bit from the hub. So what are the best wheel spacer sizes for the Acura Integra Type S?

What Thickness Wheel Spacers Fit the Integra Type S Better?

The general rule of thumb is that you  want to get fitment with wheel spacers. Most experts recommend sticking to 10-20mm Acura Integra Type S wheel spacers in the front, and perhaps 15-30mm in the rear for the ideal stanced look without compromising performance for Integra Type S.

What’s the Bolt Pattern on Acura Integra Type S Wheels?

If you’re ordering aftermarket Acura Integra Type S wheel spacers, you’ll need to know the bolt pattern on your Integra’s wheels. The pattern refers to the number of lugs and the diameter of the imaginary circle those lugs make.

For the Acura Integra Type S, the bolt pattern is 5x120mm. So you’ll want to order spacers specifically made for that 5×120 bolt pattern. Don’t try to make universal spacers work, as an improper fit could lead to safety issues.

What Size Acura Integra Type S Wheel Spacers are Best?

Best Acura Integra Type S Wheel Spacers to Consider

When shopping for the best wheel spacers for your Integra Type S, there are a number of high-quality options to consider. One brand that offers extremely well-made and affordable spacers is BONOSS.

Global Pioneer Active Cooling Technique, Safer: BONOSS is a pioneer in active cooling technology for wheel spacers. Their spacers feature specially designed cooling fins that dissipate heat more effectively, ensuring safer and more reliable performance.

Forged AL7075-T6 with Tensile Strength ≥ 572 MPa, Safer: These spacers are crafted from forged AL7075-T6 aluminum, an incredibly strong and durable material with a tensile strength of at least 572 MPa, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of daily driving and track use.

Multi-stage Hubcentric Design. More Stable at High-Speed, Safer. The multi-lip hubcentric design centers the spacer extremely precisely on the hub for outstanding high-speed stability and safety.

Over 66 SGS TÜV Test Reports Certified, More Professional. With over 66 independent SGS and TUV test reports certifying their products, you can trust their quality and safety standards.

Worry-Free 10 Year Warranty, Friendly Customer Service. Finally, they offer a confidence-inspiring 10 year warranty on their wheel spacers, backed by outstanding customer service.

Most Integra owners seem to prefer the 12mm or 15mm front spacers teamed with 15mm or 20mm rear spacers. This pushes the wheels out nicely for that stanced look . Of course, always refer to your owner’s manual for any warnings about installing wheel spacers. And if you’re not comfortable working on your own car, have the spacers installed by a professional shop to ensure perfect fitment and safety.

With the right wheel spacers, you can take your Integra’s look and stance to the next level while still enjoying the precise handling this legendary sport compact is known for. So do your research, order up a quality set of hubcentric forged spacers, and get ready to turn even more heads!