If you own a Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck, you may be wondering what size wheel spacers are best to give your truck a wider, more aggressive stance. Wheel spacers are a popular and relatively inexpensive way to push the wheels outward for a broader look. But choosing the right size wheel spacers for your Amarok is important to maintain proper wheel alignment and avoid potential issues. In this article, we’ll look at optimal Amarok wheel spacer sizes and brands to consider for safely widening your truck’s footprint.

Do Amarok wheel spacers affect truck?

Installing wheel spacers does more than just change the look of your Amarok. Spacers modify the track width by moving the wheels further outboard. This results in a sportier, more masculine stance. The Amarok’s track width with brand wheel spacers provides ideal handling characteristics.

What size are best for Amarok wheel spacers?

Why BONOSS Amarok wheel spacers are best?

When shopping for wheel spacers for an Amarok, BONOSS is a top choice recommended by many owners. BONOSS has engineered spacers specifically for the Amarok that have undergone rigorous testing. They offer a range of sizes from 5mm to 60mm for precise width enhancement. BONOSS Amarok spacers are TUV&SGS-approved meeting stringent safety standards.

BONOSS constructs their spacers from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for maximum strength at minimum weight. They utilize precise CNC machining to ensure stringent dimensional accuracy and concentricity. This prevents vibration. The spacers feature a durable black anodized finish to guard against corrosion and maintain their good looks.

BONOSS forged active cooling Amarok wheel spacers use high-quality ISO grade 12.9 mounting studs to guarantee a secure, precision fit with no play or loosening over time. The exceptional engineering and material quality result in a durable, rattle-free spacer kit customized for the Amarok. For owners prioritizing safety and performance, BONOSS Amarok spacers deliver an ideal solution.