If you own a 2015 F150 and want to customize it with a more aggressive look, installing 2 inch wheel spacers is a popular mod. But it’s natural to wonder – are wheel spacers safe on my truck? Will they affect the ride quality or handling? In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at how 2 inch wheel spacers impact a 2015 F150.

Are 2 Inch 2015 F150 Wheel Spacers Safe on a Truck?

What Do Wheel Spacers Do?

Wheel spacers slide over your existing wheel bolts to push the wheels further out from the hub. This widens the track width of the truck for a beefier, more rugged stance. Spacers are precision machined to fit the specific bolt pattern and hub bore of F150 wheels.

For a 2015 F150 with the standard 6-lug wheel pattern, a 2 inch spacer increases track width from 68.3 inches to 70.3 inches. This might not sound like much, but even 2 extra inches of width makes a noticeable visual difference. The wider footprint fills out the wheel wells for a tougher presence on the road.

Are 2 Inch Spacers Safe for My Truck?

Now let’s dive into that key question – will 2 inch wheel spacers compromise safety on your 2015 F150? The short answer is no – when you buy quality spacers and install them correctly, they are completely safe. Brands like BONOSS manufacture spacers from 7075T6 aircraft grade aluminum. This material provides excellent strength to handle the weight and torque of a full-size truck without bending or cracking.

BONOSS spacers are also precision CNC machined for a perfect hub-centric fit. This prevents any vibration or wheel wobble as you drive. The extra care in manufacturing ensures a smooth and reliable fit.

Many wheel spacer companies offer spacers well over 2 inches in width. Truck owners report using 3 inch or more spacers safely. As long as you don’t exceed the maximum offset for your truck, you can safely run wider spacers within reason. On a 2015 F150, a 2 inch spacer stays well within the safe zone.

Of course, proper installation is also key. The wheel spacers must sit flush with the hub surface and all lug nuts should be torqued down to spec with a torque wrench. As long as you follow the directions, 2 inch spacers will be secure and maintain wheel alignment.

How Do 2 Inch Spacers Affect Ride and Handling?

The next question F150 owners have is whether 2 inch spacers will make the ride overly stiff or compromise handling. Thankfully, a small 2 inch spacer has minimal effect on ride quality. Your truck will still ride comfortably and soak up bumps in the road.

In fact, some owners report a slightly smoother ride with spacers installed. The extra track width helps stabilize the truck so it doesn’t react as harshly to cracks and dips in the pavement. Just make sure your wheel bearings are in good shape so they spin freely.

As for handling, a 2 inch spacer only causes a minor reduction in steering responsiveness. The truck will still handle predictably through turns and be easy to control. Again, some owners notice improved stability from the wider footprint. Unless you drive extremely aggressively, the subtle handling change will be negligible.

Larger 3-4 inch spacers can impact ride and handling more significantly. But keeping spacers in the 1.5-2 inch range leaves the driving dynamics largely unaffected. For regular street driving, 2 inch spacers won’t transform your ride quality or make the F150 harder to handle.

Are There Any Downsides to 2 Inch Spacers?

The only real downside to running 2 inch wheel spacers is slightly increased strain on suspension and wheel components. Because the weight is shifted outboard, parts like wheel bearings and ball joints wear more quickly. However, on a 2015 F150 the difference is minimal and shouldn’t require early replacement of these parts.

One other consideration is speedometer accuracy. Pushing the wheels out 2 inches effectively decreases the gear ratio slightly. Your speedometer may read 2-3 mph faster than your true speed. This isn’t a safety concern, just something to be aware of.

Which 2015 F150 wheel spacers are safe for my truck?

BONOSS 2015 F150 wheel spacers are safe and reliable for your truck even off-road. BONOSS uses to 7075T6 aircraft grade aluminum to craft their spacers. This material is incredibly durable yet lightweight – perfect for tough truck duties! Precision CNC machining then gives the spacers a flawless shape and fit. When you slide them over your wheel bolts, they’ll align perfectly hub-centric with no vibrations.

The quality manufacturing means you can trust BONOSS spacers to hold up for years while improving your truck’s stance and handling. And thanks to the smooth design, you’ll enjoy a comfortable ride quality with no harshness introduced.

I also love how quick and easy BONOSS spacers install. Just swap out the wheels, bolt on the spacers, and reinstall the wheels. In under an hour you can transform the look of your F150!

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