BMW wheel spacers are a popular modification for BMW owners looking to change the stance and look of their vehicle. Spacers install between the wheel hub and rim, pushing the wheels outward to fill out the fenders. This widened track can make the car look more aggressive and planted.

However, there’s an ongoing debate about whether spacers are safe to use, especially on performance-oriented vehicles like BMWs. Here’s a look at the key considerations when deciding if wheel spacers are right for your BMW.

Do Spacers Hurt Ride Quality?

Genuine brand quality wheel spacers will not hurt ride quality when you install them properly. These spacers should be torqued in a right spec and corresponding to the bolt pattern of your vehicles. With high-quality hub-centric spacers that precisely maintain suspension geometry, ride differences should be minimal. Thicker spacers above 20mm are more likely to introduce noticeable changes.

Are BMW Wheel Spacers Safe to Drive With?

BMW wheel spacers are safe to drive with if you notice some precautions. For safety, the critical factors are the design, material, and installation of the spacers. Hub-centric spacers that accurately locate on the wheel hub help avoid vibrations and potential wheel slippage at high speeds. Aircraft-grade billet aluminum spacers are strong enough to handle BMW power and braking forces.

Proper torque specifications must be followed when installing spacers. This secures the wheel to the spacer and spacer to hub with enough clamping force to resist spinning under hard acceleration or cornering. It also eliminates any chance of vibration from loose connections.

With quality spacers installed correctly, there should be no durability or drivability issues. 

Are BMW Wheel Spacers Safe to Use?

Why BONOSS BMW Wheel Spacers Are Recommended?

For BMW owners considering spacers, the BONOSS brand is a top choice. Here are some reasons why BONOSS spacers deliver the best fit, finish and safety.

  • Precision CNC machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum for durability
  • Anodized coating protects from corrosion
  • Hub-centric design guarantees perfect centering and no vibrations
  • Quality manufacturing (ISO certified) with strictest QA tolerances
  • Meets SGS/TUV standards for high performance applications
  • 10-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Various spacer sizes specifically for BMW models

BONOSS BMW wheel spacers are proven safe through race applications yet priced competitively for street use. Their quality and engineering make them the go-to brand for BMW enthusiasts wanting to properly and safely widen their vehicle’s stance.

BMW wheel spacers don’t automatically compromise ride quality or safety – but poor-quality spacers can. With a precision engineered and tested product like BONOSS, you can comfortably push your BMW’s fitment boundaries. Just take care with installation and routinely check for any looseness.

With quality components and sensible sizing based on your particular BMW, spacers can achieve the upgraded look you want without sacrificing how your car drives and handles. Test drive with spacers before committing to assess the changes yourself. And focus on brands like BONOSS with extensive BMW fitment experience. That way you can enhance your vehicle’s stance with complete confidence.