If you own a Lada and want to fit wider tires or wheels, using wheel spacers is an easy and cost-effective modification. BONOSS wheel spacers for Lada models have become a popular choice, but are they safe and recommended to use? In this post, we’ll look at the running of  BONOSS active cooling Lada wheel spacers.

What are BONOSS Lada Wheel Spacers?

BONOSS produces hub-centric wheel spacers specifically designed to fit Lada models like the 2105, 2107 and Niva. They are made from high quality aluminum and are available in various widths from 12mm to 45mm.

The spacers bolt on between the wheel and hub, pushing the wheels outward to create a wider track. This allows fitting of wider tires and wheels without any scrubbing issues. BONOSS Lada wheel spacers use studs extended to the correct length so standard Lada wheels can be bolted on.

Benefits of Using BONOSS Lada Wheel Spacers

There are several advantages to running BONOSS wheel spacers on a Lada.

  • Wider Track – Pushing the wheels outward delivers a wider stance and track width for improved handling and cornering. This also opens up options to fit wider tires.
  • Active Cooling technique – The petal grooves on the surface of wheel spacers can cool the brake and wheel hence reducing thermal decay.
  • Wheel/Tire Fitment – Allows fitting larger diameter wheels and tires.
  • Improved Stance – A wider track delivers a more aggressive stance. Wheel spacers in conjunction with lowering springs can transform the look of a Lada.

Are BONOSS Lada Wheel Spacers Good to Run?

What Size Lada Wheel Spacers are Safest?

Wheel spacer size for a Lada comes down to the look you’re after and ensuring the correct stud length. Some key size considerations:

  • 12-25mm spacers are safe for a subtle increase in track width and wheel clearance. Keeps standard wheel offset.
  • 30-45mm spacers work well if wanting to fit a wide-body kit.

Are There any Downsides to BONOSS Lada Wheel Spacers?

Quality spacers like BONOSS are safe when installed correctly, there are no obvious downsides.

For most Lada owners looking for improved style and sufficient tire clearance, quality spacers like BONOSS are a smart modification.

BONOSS Lada wheel spacers can be a great modification when an increase in track width and wheel fitment is desired. High quality hub-centric spacers correctly installed should provide thousands of trouble-free miles. Just ensure you follow local vehicle laws on wheel spacers and maximum track width regulations.