If you own a Jeep Gladiator pickup truck, you may be wondering whether it uses metric or standard Jeep Gladiator lug nuts. This is an important question when it comes time to change a flat tire or replace your wheel studs and nuts. Thankfully, the answer is pretty straightforward for the Gladiator.

All Jeep Gladiator models use metric lug nuts. Specifically, they require M14 x 1.5 lug nuts which have a 14mm diameter and 1.5mm thread pitch. This is the most common metric lug nut size found on many modern trucks and SUVs from manufacturers around the world.

So if you need to pick up new lug nuts for your Gladiator, be sure to look for ones specifically designed for a 14mm metric thread pitch. Standard SAE sized lug nuts will not fit properly.

Why Choose Aftermarket Lug Nuts for Your Jeep Gladiator?

While you could simply replace your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) lug nuts with the same factory spec ones, many owners prefer to upgrade to stronger aftermarket lug nuts instead. Here are some of the benefits of choosing aftermarket lug nuts:

  • Greater durability and resistance to rust/corrosion
  • Sturdier materials like chrome vanadium steel alloy
  • More secure fit with less chance of loosening over time
  • Wider variety of styles and finishes available
  • Often more affordable than OEM lug nuts

One of the most popular and trusted brands of aftermarket lug nuts for Jeeps is BONOSS. Here’s a closer look at why their metric lug nuts are a great choice for upgrading your Jeep Gladiator.

Are Jeep Gladiator Lug Nuts Metric or Standard?

Why BONOSS Aftermarket Jeep Gladiator Lug Nuts Are Best?

Constructed from steel alloy, BONOSS Jeep Gladiator lug nuts are extremely durable and capable of withstanding the demands of off-road driving. Their alloy material far surpasses the strength of standard OEM steel lug nuts.

While factory lug nuts are prone to rusting and corrosion over time, BONOSS Jeep Gladiator lug nuts have a special finish that provides exceptional protection against rust. Even after years of exposure to the elements, they maintain their appearance.

BONOSS uses advanced machining techniques to produce lug nuts that have greater dimensional accuracy and precision. This results in a smooth, seamless thread design with consistent pitch and diameter. In turn, you get a lug nut that fits perfectly and tightens securely every time.

Unlike most factory lug nuts, BONOSS includes a convenient cone seat with every lug nut. The tapered seat helps center the lug nut perfectly on the wheel stud for optimal alignment and consistent torque values.

With exceptional strength, durability, and performance, it’s easy to see why aftermarket BONOSS metric lug nuts are a smart upgrade over factory lug nuts for your Jeep Gladiator. They provide unbeatable rust resistance and a precise, consistent fit to give you peace of mind on and off the road.