The Kia Seltos wheel spacers are a cost-effective modification kit that can be used in various scenarios, including urban roads, off-road terrain, and racing tracks. Increasing the track, the Kia Seltos wheel spacers help improve vehicle stability and handling. The new Kia Seltos still focuses on the characteristics of a small SUV, reducing the driver’s concerns about handling larger vehicles. The SUV’s ground clearance is excellent, making its route map wider.

Installing Kia Seltos wheel spacers is beginner-friendly as it does not require overly complex structural adjustments but is effective for off-road use.

The principle of Kia Seltos wheel spacers is to increase the distance between the wheels and the bearings. The reduced offset pushes the wheels to a more outward position, which changes the vehicle’s appearance. Since most vehicle offsets are set to larger offset values, it directly leads to the wheels appearing sunken. However, most customers have a unanimous aesthetic inclination towards a full, close-to-the-ground vehicle appearance.

Kia Seltos wheel spacers effectively solve the problem of wheel sinking.

How Much Kia Seltos Wheel Spacers Thickness Are Suitable?

You are free to choose the Kia Seltos wheel spacers; the main difference is the thickness. Different thicknesses of Kia Seltos wheel spacers will have slight differences, reflected in their prices and features. For example, customers who choose 20mm-30mm Kia Seltos wheel spacers may expect these products to solve the clearance issues caused by brake kit upgrades, as the larger calipers often result in friction with the spokes.

Larger Kia Seltos wheel spacers will focus on handling, as the wider track can increase traction. The benefits of changing the vehicle’s center of gravity will be magnified several times during off-road use.

The change in appearance has become the preferred option for more customers. Kia Seltos wheel spacers can help make the lines of this small SUV look fuller. Since the minimum thickness of Kia Seltos wheel spacers is 20mm, 20mm has become popular. There are differences in the relative positions of the front and rear wheels, especially the distance from the tire’s outer side to the fender, so the 20mm base option is often paired with 25mm Kia Seltos wheel spacers.

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Are Kia Seltos Wheel Spacers a Good Choice?

Choosing the proper Kia Seltos wheel spacers will be necessary. We do not recommend pairing with an inappropriate thickness, as it wastes your money. It is worth noting that oversized Kia Seltos wheel spacers will move the wheels to an unsuitable position and may scratch the shoulder of the road when you park, damaging the paint on the wheel hub. At the same time, oversized Kia Seltos wheel spacers will also render the fenders ineffective, and the cost of cleaning will increase.

Where Can You Buy Good-quality Kia Seltos Wheel Spacers?

Kia Seltos wheel spacers’ quality will be reflected in their price. Kia Seltos wheel spacers priced below $100 require more scrutiny, and selecting reputable brands can reduce comparison headaches. Kia Seltos wheel spacers made of forged aluminum alloy are recommended for reliability due to their excellent tensile and yield strength. The forging process reduces porosity and the likelihood of plastic deformation.

BONOSS sells Kia Seltos wheel spacers made of forged 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum alloy as a top-tier wheel spacers manufacturer. BONOSS focuses more on quality and functionality, aiming to provide customers with the safest products.

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