Wheel spacers are becoming more and more popular for those who love tuning cars. However, wheel spacers are sometimes referred to as a potentially harmful car accessory. When you talk to people who actually use them, you’ll find out that they’re quite the contrary. For example, are wheel spacers on jeeps safe? Because wheel spacers separate the wheel from the hub housing, they are more likely to provide superior grip or traction when turning. Some individuals merely use them to remove the steering wheel from the vehicle for a more appealing appearance.

What are the wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are components that are fitted on the wheel stud of a car to provide additional clearance between the wheel hub housing and the wheel. Wheel spacers, simply put, increase the distance or offset between the wheel hub housing and the wheel.

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What are the functions of wheel spacers?

1. Wheel spacers can improve your vehicle’s performance.

When you’re in the driver’s seat, wheel spacers are a simple approach to boost your vehicle’s performance. The wheel will be pushed further out from the chassis under this option, creating a wider track and a lower center of gravity. As a result, as you approach a corner, you’ll have a greater grip, allowing for a faster acceleration response as you exit. To guarantee that you can enjoy this benefit while driving, you need to install spacers on all four wheels.

2. Wheel spacers contribute to the aesthetic value of the vehicle.

When the wheels extend beyond the edge of the bodywork, the car has a better driving stance and performs better on the road. This style has a more aggressive appearance that visually communicates a constant ability to manage corners. For nearly a generation, Porsche has employed this design aspect to include handling and make use of this special benefit. To make this function, you must keep the wheel inside your body. Pushing the tire off of the frame can result in a new set of issues to think about. Below you can see the front-to-back comparison of Porsche’s car after installing wheel spacers.

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