A customer is not so satisfied with the wheel pose of his 2021 MB W167 after he picked up his vehicle. He said they seem to be bitten into the wheel arch, and there will be probably some troubles when he upgrades a larger brake caliper in the future. We’re glad to serve him and thank his approval of sharing. As many people worry, safety is the predominant factor when W167 owners look for the best wheel spacers among a variety of products. So let’s talk about the safety of W167 wheel spacers before anything.

What Are W167 Wheel Spacers?

In short, W167 wheel spacers are pieces of the mental disc( commonly use steel or aluminum) that have a center ring (Hub-centric spacers) or stud holes (Lug-centric spacers) to fix with your axle, moving the wheels outward at a certain distance. They are often installed on two front wheels, or on two rear wheels, or on all four wheels.

The most frequent purposes to use them are getting a more sporty appearance or avoiding rubbing problems led by mod accessories like brake kit, suspension, and wheels without enough negative ET/offset. Essentially, the hub with the correct wheel spacer has the same value as a new negative-ET wheel. For example, your stock wheel of 2021 W167 GLE 450 has 45 ET, after you place with a 10mm wheel spacer, the new ET is 35. As long as it is calculated professionally, the upgraded ET can provide the stunning performance you want.

Are W167 Wheel Spacers Safe For BM W167 GLE 450?

If you want the answer from the majority of real customers of wheel spacers, it is simply YES. No matter for daily driving or off-road experience, W167 wheel spacers value more than they look if the quality and installation can be promised. Not only are they safe, but also can they remedy other safety problems in the wheel system.

There is also the potential for failure, but the reason is not the design philosophy of the W167 wheel spacer itself. What should be blamed are often low-quality materials and irregular production processes from some no-certificate manufacturers, or the unprofessional measurement and installation. After all, wheel spacers are not as simple as they look. If you treat it casually, it will retaliate back.

Where To Buy Safety W167 Wheel Spacers?

Just as we mentioned above, as long as you purchase the high-quality, suitable-size W167 wheel spacers and install them under professional instruction, you can enjoy the performance enhancements they take. Rubbing, vibration, and too-recessed issues will gain obvious improvement. If you can not judge which product is high-performance, check its materials, certificates, matching wheel bolts’ materials, and the core tech of them.

BONOSS provides forged active cooling wheel spacers as an optimized choice for 2021 W167 GLE 450 owners. The below features are what you can refer to.

  • The “Active Cooling” is the world’s first patented technology of BONOSS to enhance heat dissipation efficiency.
  • Aluminum 6061-T6/7075-T6 has higher yield strength, tensile strength, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance than ordinary stainless steel.
  • The forging process gives W167 wheel spacers higher purity, structural stability and completeness.
  • The matching W167 wheel bolts are also the highest standard ISO grade 10.
  • Over 66 times’ SGS and TUV tests and the 10-year warranty are the real evidence to protect your safety and customer right.