If you own the luxurious and powerful 2024 Bentley Continental GT, you may be looking for ways to customize the look and improve the handling. One popular modification is adding wheel spacers, also known as hub-centric rings. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which 2024 Bentley Continental GT wheel spacers are the best? In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of wheel spacers, what to look for when shopping, and why BONOSS hub-centric spacers rise above the rest for the Continental GT.

What are wheel spacers and why add them to a Bentley Continental GT?

Wheel spacers are circular metal rings that mount between your wheel and hub. They create space between the wheel and the brakes/suspension components. Adding wheel spacers to your Continental GT provides several advantages:

  • Wider stance:Spacers push the wheels outward, giving your Bentley a more aggressive and athletic look. This enhanced street presence sets your car apart.
  • Improved handling:The wider track width improves cornering by reducing body roll. The Continental GT will feel more planted and responsive.
  • Wheel fitment:Wheel spacers allow you to fit larger aftermarket wheels that otherwise might not clear the brakes.

What type of 2024 Bentley Continental GT wheel spacers are safe?

With any modification, safety should be the top priority. Instead look for spacers that have these features:

  • Hub-centric design:Hub-centric means the spacer has a center bore that precisely fits your Continental GT’s hub diameter. This prevents vibration and ensures proper wheel alignment.
  • High-grade billet aluminum:Quality spacers will be machined from forged 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum to maximize strength.
  • Precision engineering:Correct thickness and a snug fit prevent cracking. Quality brands CNC machine spacers for consistency.
  • Load testing:Reputable spacer brands will load test their products to guarantee they meet specifications.

Following the above guidelines when shopping ensures safe 2024 Bentley Continental GT wheel spacers. Now let’s look at why BONOSS rises to the top.

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Why BONOSS hub-centric 2024 Bentley Continental GT wheel spacers are best?

After extensive research, we found the BONOSS 2024 Bentley Continental GT wheel spacer kit to be the highest quality and safest choice. Here are the reasons BONOSS stands above other brands:

  • Aircraft grade forged 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum construction: BONOSS spacers are CNC machined from solid billet aluminum, not weak castings like other brands. This provides exceptional tensile strength.
  • Precision engineered to 0.02mm tolerances: BONOSS wheel spacers are precision machined for a flush fit with no vibrations or noise. The correct spacer thickness is critical.
  • Hub-centric design made specifically for Continental GT: The BONOSS spacers have a center bore to perfectly fit your hub diameter. This prevents vibration, wobble, and improper wheel alignment.
  • Anodized coating prevents corrosion: The black anodized coating looks great while protecting the spacers from rain, salt, and road debris.
  • No modifications required: The BONOSS kit is designed to fit 2024 Continental GT models without any extra modifications needed.
  • Improves look and handling: Expect a muscular stance and improved cornering with reduced body roll. Your Continental GT will feel like a new machine.

For unbeatable quality, safety, and performance upgrade, we recommend choosing the BONOSS hub-centric wheel spacer kit for the 2024 Bentley Continental GT. Follow the guidelines in this post and your Continental will be street ready!