If you own a Bentley and want to customize the look and stance of your luxury ride, installing wheel spacers is a great modification. Bentley wheel spacers push the wheels outward from the hub, allowing you to fit larger diameter wheels and tires. This gives your Bentley a more aggressive, sporty appearance.

However, it’s crucial to choose the proper wheel spacer size to safely adapt your Bentley wheels. In this guide, we’ll discuss hub-centric Bentley wheel spacers and recommend the best sizes for different Bentley models.

Why Use Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are available in hub-centric and lug-centric styles. Hub-centric spacers feature a center bore that perfectly matches the hub on your Bentley’s axle. This creates a snug, centered fit between the wheel and axle.

Hub-centric wheel spacers are strongly recommended for Bentleys because they:

  • Reduce vibrations for a smooth ride
  • Prevent spacers from shifting or coming loose

Bentley’s large and powerful engines produce massive torque. Lug-centric types that rely solely on the lug nuts are not secure enough for a luxury performance sedan like a Bentley.

BONOSS Bentley Wheel Spacers for Sale

We recommend using hub-centric active cooling wheel spacers from BONOSS for all Bentley models. This brand possesses the patent of active cooling technique that can cool the wheel and brake.

BONOSS uses high-grade 7075T6 aluminum alloy for maximum strength. Their spacers feature precise computer-controlled machining for a perfect hub bore fit. With ISO grade 12.9 lug bolts and all necessary mounting hardware included, installing BONOSS spacers on your Bentley is straightforward.

Let’s look at the best BONOSS spacer sizes for various Bentley models…

Bentley Wheel Spacers Size Guide

Bentley Wheel Spacers size

Bentley Continental Wheel Spacer Sizes

One of the most popular Bentley lines is the Continental series of luxury grand tourers. For the GT and GTC convertible models from 2006 onward, 10-20mm BONOSS spacers work well. This moderately pushes the wheels out to fill the fenders for a flush fit.

The Continental Flying Spur sedan can also run 25mm spacers to achieve a sportier appearance. Make sure to use hub rings or adapters if installing aftermarket wheels.

Bentley Bentayga Wheel Spacer Size

The Bentayga luxury SUV has become a status symbol with its high level of bespoke customization. For this car, 10-20mm BONOSS spacers give just enough extra width to make the factory wheels pop from the fenders.

Some Bentayga owners install oversized aftermarket wheels and off-road tires for more capability and presence. In that case, a 25mm spacer size can work well to push the new wheels outward. Always double check that the tires have adequate clearance from the fenders and suspension components.

Mulliner Wheel Spacer Sizes

Bentley’s Mulliner custom shop has produced special edition vehicles like the Bacalar. Since these are rare, exclusive models, wheel fitment can vary. Measure carefully and consult with BONOSS to determine the ideal spacer width for your specific Mulliner Bentley.

A general guideline is to start with 15-20mm spacers front and rear for most Mulliner editions. This provides a balanced, wider-track stance. From there, you can fine tune the spacer sizing as needed to achieve your desired fitment goal.

With proper hub-centric spacers of the right size, you can customize the wheels and tires on your Bentley while maintaining safety and stability. Focus on quality spacer brands like BONOSS to avoid vibrations or other issues. Your luxury sedan or SUV will take on an entirely new look and feel when the rubber meets the road.