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High-quality BMW 6 series lug bolts usually use stronger materials such as titanium alloy, steel alloy, etc. Since BMW 6 series lug bolts are subjected to higher external pressure as key components, and at the same time, BMW 6 series lug bolts need to exert greater clamping force and friction when fixing the wheel, the quality of BMW 6 series lug bolts is very important. The stock lug bolts use steel alloy to ensure the safety of the vehicle. If customers need to modify BMW 6 series lug bolts to replace aftermarket lug bolts, this article may be helpful to you.

BMW 6 Series Lug Bolts Size

Before you choose the BMW 6 series lug bolts, you need to know the thread data and length of the lug bolts, these data can be obtained by Google or by looking up your vehicle manual. Note that the year of the vehicle will have different thread data, the BMW 6 series lug bolts (F06, F12, F13) in the picture use M14x1.25 with a length of 27mm, the earlier BMW 6 series lug bolts (E Chassis) use M12x1.5 with a length of 25mm. Small differences, will affect whether the wheels of the vehicle will fall off or not. Both E chassis and F chassis BMW 6 series, all use conical BMW 6 series lug bolts, the correct contact surface will provide more friction and clamping force.

BMW 6 Series Lug Bolts Material

In addition to the stock steel alloy lug bolts, the other material is titanium alloy. Of course, many alloy steel lug bolts products are on the market, the difference is the alloy steel material used, mainly divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, alloy steel, and high carbon steel, the way to measure these materials is through the bolt grade, from 4.8 to 12.9 grade, the common BMW 6 series lug bolts on the market grade between 10.9 and 12.9, and most merchants won’t tell you their product grade or politely tell you that 10.9 is safe enough, and maybe it is, but no one wants to allow for the possibility of an accident.

Choose grade 12.9 or higher performance products is always your first choice, grade 12.9 alloy steel main material is SCM435-SCM440, BONOSS uses SCM440 as a unified standard because BONOSS believes that the best products can effectively protect the safety of customers, in addition, BONOSS titanium alloy series products are better than the performance of alloy steel, which is chosen by more customers.

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Titanium BMW 6 Series Lug Bolts

Titanium BMW 6 Series lug bolts, in addition to excellent performance, have far superior performance in corrosion prevention, titanium alloy can work in the humid atmosphere and seawater media, and corrosion resistance is far superior to our impression of stainless steel, pitting corrosion, acid corrosion, stress corrosion resistance is particularly strong, while the organic items of alkali, chloride, chlorine, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, etc. have excellent corrosion resistance. Although our vehicles are not regularly exposed to corrosive liquids, acid rain and liquid contact from the road cannot be avoided during long periods of use, and with this in mind, BONOSS has also applied a hard-anodized rust protection treatment to the exterior of the Titanium BMW 6 Series lug bolts, which is even more durable than your car.

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The Titanium product has a silver appearance, but it is also available in nitrogen blue. Thanks to the hard anodized anti-rust treatment, BONOSS has designed the blue titanium BMW 6 Series lug bolts along with the anti-rust treatment, a color that is more popular among customers because there are no blue Titanium products on the market, distinguishing to some extent between the general stock lug bolts and the titanium BMW 6 series lug bolts.