If you’re looking to change up the stance of your Toyota Tacoma for a more aggressive look, installing wheel spacers is a quick and affordable option. Wheel spacers change the offset of your wheels, pushing them outward to sit flush or stick out from the fender flares. This widened stance gives your truck major curb appeal.

However, finding quality Toyota Tacoma wheel spacers can be a challenge with so many manufacturers offering products of varying materials, sizes and designs. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about wheel spacers for your Tacoma model and get them installed properly.

BONOSS Active Cooling Toyota Tacoma Wheel Spacers

Best Toyota Tacoma Wheel Spacers Online – The Only Post You Need

Standing above most wheel spacers on the market are the BONOSS brand Tacoma wheel spacers. Constructed from 7075T6 aluminum billet for lightweight durability, they feature active cooling ventilation to prevent overheating.

So how do these BONOSS wheel spacers stack up against the cheaper alternatives? Let’s compare.

Common Wheel Spacers vs. BONOSS Wheel Spacers

Common Wheel Spacers BONOSS Wheel Spacers
Cheaper price Constructed of 7075T6 aluminum billet
Mostly made of lower-grade steel materials Anodized coating prevents corrosion
Prone to rust and corrosion over time Hub-centric with perfect lug centricity
Not hub-centric and lack lug support Ventilated design prevents overheating
Higher risk of vibration and wheel wobble Perfect fitment avoiding vibration
No advanced designs Active cooling patent

Clearly the extra investment in the BONOSS spacers pays dividends in quality, durability and safety. But just how much of a difference in the appearance of your truck can high-end aluminum wheel spacers make?

BONOSS Toyota Tacoma Wheel Spacers Before and After

The widened stance from installing BONOSS wheel spacers makes a remarkable visual impact on your Toyota Tacoma’s exterior look. Just take a peek at these before and after pictures.

BEFORE: In stock form, the Tacoma has a tall, narrow appearance that hides much of that rugged wheel and tire combo viewed head on. The fascia seems to pinch in tightly around the upper wheel openings as well.

AFTER: Enter the BONOSS 1.5 inch wheel spacers, pushing those wheels out to reveal their full shape flush with the widened fender flares. The difference completely transforms the profile! Now when viewing your truck from the front or back, your upgraded wheels and tires become true eyecatchers.

So now that you’ve seen the visual impact upgrading to Tacoma wheel spacers can make, let’s go over some need-to-know basics for choosing the optimal wheel spacers and getting them installed safely.

Hub-Centric vs. Lug-Centric

Wheel spacers are described as either hub-centric or lug-centric, referring to how they attach to your vehicle. This distinction affects fitment precision and wheel balance.

  • Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers: Designed to center on the hub bore behind the wheel, leaving wheels perfectly aligned to factory specifications. Recommended for optimal fitment and balance.
  • Lug-Centric Wheel Spacers: Center around lug studs only. More prone to vibration issues resulting from improper fitment.

When installing wheel spacers, always choose hub-centric fitment for your specific Toyota Tacoma model year when available. Brands like BONOSS machine spacers for perfect OE hub centricity.

Material of Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are constructed using various metals, each with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Stainless Steel: Durable but heavy. Prone to rust.
  • Carbon Steel: Affordable but rusts easily.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum like 6061T6 or 7075T6 provides best blend of strength, corrosion resistance and lightweight performance. Recommended for Tacoma wheel spacers.

Toyota Tacoma Wheel Spacers Size

What size wheel spacer should you run? Recommendations vary by preferred offset and the existing room in your wheel wells for adjusting wider.

  • 1 inch wheel spacer: Subtle change but improves appearance. Safest size for stock wheels and suspensions.
  • 1.5 inch wheel spacer: Noticeable difference in wheel offset and commonly used size. Ensures flush or mildly aggressive fitment for most wheel and tire upgrades.
  • 2 inch wheel spacer max: Pushes wheels to far extremity of fenders. Primarily used with lift kits giving added clearance.

For most Tacoma wheel spacer applications, the 1.5 inch size delivers that perfect flushed fitment with upgraded aftermarket rims and slightly wider tires. Thicker spacers up to 2 inches work best with suspension lifts allowing the additional inset space.