The BMW M4 is one of the most iconic sports cars on the road today. With its powerful turbocharged engine and razor-sharp handling, it’s built for adrenaline-pumping performance. Many M4 owners look for ways to enhance their car’s capabilities even further through aftermarket modifications like wheel spacers. But do spacers actually make a noticeable difference on an already exceptional vehicle like the M4? Let’s take a closer look.

Wheel spacers are circular metal rings that bolt between your wheel and hub. By pushing the wheels outward, spacers widen the track (distance between left and right wheels) to create a more aggressive stance. They also allow you to fit larger wheels and tires without rubbing or clearance issues. A moderate 15mm spacer size can provide noticeable improvements in key areas for the M4.

What Do 15mm BMW M4 spacers Do?

Performance and Handling

A wider track brings performance advantages by increasing stability and reducing body roll. This translates into sharper steering response and higher cornering limits before losing grip. The M4 is already a tenacious handler, but a spacer-induced track widening of around 30mm front and rear can take its capabilities to an even higher level. You’ll feel the difference from the driver’s seat through faster turn-in, flatter cornering, and increased grip when pushing the limits.


The larger wheel and tire combination enabled by spacers provides more rubber on the road to transmit braking forces. Along with the lowered rotational inertia of lightweight wheels, the additional contact patch size can shorten stopping distances. Reduced risk of wheel lockup also helps retain steering control under hard braking. Overall, the enhanced braking gives you extra confidence to brake later when approaching corners.


Wider rear tires improve acceleration by putting more power down and limiting wheel spin. The increased traction combines with the M4’s abundant torque for explosive acceleration out of corners. The spacers’ effects are most noticeable during hard launches, where you can better utilize the engine’s full output.


Wheel spacers push the M4’s imposing wheels outward to fill out the fenders for an undeniably aggressive look. The proper fitment also reduces the gap between tire and fender for a flush appearance. Going up one inch in wheel diameter in conjunction with spacers can further amplify the visual impact. The M4 will certainly turn more heads with its enhanced stance.

Do 15mm BMW M4 spacers make a difference?

Which BMW M4 Spacers Are Best?

BONOSS designs their BMW M4 spacers using aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum strength at minimum weight. They’re CNC machined for precise tolerances that prevent vibrations and allow balanced wheel assembly. The anodized coating improves corrosion resistance while adding a stylish finish.

BONOSS BMW M4 spacers undergo rigorous testing to handle repeated hard use without failure. The mounting studs connect directly to the hubs using extended wheel bolts to safely handle the leverage forces involved. All necessary hardware is included for hassle-free installation and optimal fit.

BONOSS offers their M4 spacers in a range of sizes from subtle to extreme so you can fine-tune your desired effect. Their customer service provides helpful guidance to pick the optimal spacers based on your goals and setup. Best of all, their spacers come at a very reasonable price in the aftermarket auto parts market.