Wheel Spacers safe

Wheel Spacers safe has become a common issue, whether for first-time wheel spacers buyers or BMW owners who are familiar with modifications, the safety of wheel spacers is the primary consideration. This factor is divided into two aspects of the discussion, whether the product is safe enough and whether the installation is safe. There is no doubt that with the right thickness of wheel spacers installed correctly and with excellent performance, the set of products does support the safe driving of the vehicle. Let’s first look at the owners’ comments on the quality and safety of wheel spacers and FAQ.Common forum comments from BMW owners about wheel spacers and FAQ BMW x6 (9)

Wheel Spacers Material safe

In terms of the material safety of wheel spacers themselves, 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 are considered to be the main two manufacturing materials, because the structural strength of aluminum alloy itself allows it to be used as the material of wheel spacers, we also saw some comments in the previous article about wheel spacers being found to break during driving or after long years of driving. We do not rule out that these poor-quality wheel spacers are made of other metal materials with lower structural strength, and often the accidents are “free” and “cheap” ones. wheel spacers, since the manufacturers have given the cost in terms of materials, then why there is a reason to choose “free” wheel spacers? For more information about the wheel spacers material data report, please click HERE for more information.

Can You Make 5x120 to 5x114.3 Wheel Adapters BONOSS Hub Centric Adapters Cai (3)

Secondly, in terms of the manufacturing process of wheel spacers, hub centric wheel spacers have been identified as the highest safety factor because hub centric can provide hub-centric bolt-on attachment, and the perfect hub centric design can fit the edge of the axle head and apply all the pressure on the hub. This is one of the most popular aspects of hub centric wheel spacers. Based on this principle, BONOSS Lightweight plus wheel spacers and Active cooling wheel spacers both offer hub centric wheel spacers based on stock data.

Common forum comments from BMW owners about wheel spacers and FAQ BMW x6 (3)

Will Wheel Spacers Affect Alignment?

As a responsible wheel spacers brand, we will tell our customers all the facts about wheel spacers regarding safety. The high-frequency questions that appear in more than one forum are:

“Does anyone know if the shims affect the vehicle mechanically? I read somewhere that spacers cause more stress to be put on the original hubs installed. Is this true?”

It so happens that we found some professional webmasters who provided explanations.

“I’m a certified national instructor for PCA/PBOC/Chin. So I would say I’m qualified to give my opinion. Tech inspections for PCA vary on different regions, and are generally allowed. I didn’t elaborate into great detail why spacers are safe, as it would drag on and the message would be lost. Bottom line is, supplied with correctly sized bolts, spacers are more than fine for a tracked car, let alone a suv like a X5. Yes, there is added load on the bolts and geometry will be affected, so congrats, you get a cookie. The key is not to get oversized spacers. Anything over 16mm and your pushing it. The reason why I thought it was pointless to go into great detail is because generally X5 owners don’t go near those sizes. Also, bolt load isn’t a issue for suv driving. Those concerns are for extreme circumstances.”

We also have talked about it before, Will Wheel Spacers Affect Alignment?

After installing wheel spacers correctly, it is more obvious that you get a wider track which will provide a more stable steering feel when driving because the vehicle gets a positive scrub radius. Japanese and European vehicles have different wheel fastening methods, which directly affects the need to choose different wheel spacers for modification. If you are interested, we will discuss the different BONOSS wheel spacers and their installation in detail in the next article.