BONOSS Customized Wheel Spacers
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For over 10 years, BONOSS has built customized wheel spacers and adapters to strict specifications. With the combination of premium materials, advanced techniques, and precise machinery, BONOSS produces and guarantees superior products. We build spacers and adapters in a minimum of 0.1″ (3mm) thick, a maximum of 6.4” (160mm) thick. Customized wheel spacers and adapters are our specialties here at the BONOSS factory.

1. Independent Measuring

Although a lot of basic data has already been made public, BONOSS still insists on independent measuring and mapping for the most real, most effective and most suitable First-hand data. If there is no independent measuring and mapping, but to design and manufacture products using already public data and rough precision solutions, we will consider this is a kind of disrespect for customers, even more, it is an insult to our own profession. And BONOSS has always promised to provide customers with high-precision, more reasonable and more reliable products.

BONOSS Customized Wheel Spacers Measure the Bolt Pattern Center Bore
BONOSS Customized Wheel Spacers Carefully Design

2. Professional Design

BONOSS has set up an independent design department. Once we receive the data, we will have professional designers follow up to design the safest spacers for your car. The color and decorative pattern of wheel spacers and adapters are also available to be customized. For some customers who like the differentiated appearance, we can carry out product design and product testing on the basis of ensuring safety. The spacer must be based on safety, with the help of a professional OEM manufacturer, your differentiation requirements can be achieved safely.

3. 0.02mm High Precision

Precision machining is an essential manufacturing process in terms of achieving high surface integrity and dimensional accuracy of functional components. An advanced industrial manufacturer has a complete ability to produce high-precision products. Moreover, the enhancement of the machining accuracy of mechanical components effectively guarantees the safety, stability and reliability of the quality of wheel spacers, and ensures the smooth operation of vehicle wheel parts.

BONOSS Forged Customized Wheel Spacers Manufacture With Best Material 0.02mm Precision

4. Completed In 1-3 Days

BONOSS independent design and customization department and professional customized production line are able to complete your custom size wheel spacers in only 1-3 days. OEM/ODM is available. Besides, if you need an unusual thickness or PCD/CB conversion spacers, BONOSS custom service is ready to listen to your requirements. Non-normal thickness from a minimum of 0.1″ (3mm) thick to a maximum of 6.4” (160mm) thick are available.