The world’s first “Active Cooling” patented technology for BONOSS wheel spacers(adapters) (*1) breaks through the limitations of the single function of traditional wheel spacers(adapters). The specially designed cooling grooves structure can make use of the rotation of the wheel spacers(adapters) to allow the external cold air to efficiently and continuously flow through the inside of the wheel spacers(adapters) to take away heat, thereby achieving the purpose of actively cooling for the braking system, improving braking efficiency and reducing driving security risk.

The patented “Active Cooling” technology of BONOSS wheel spacers(adapters) has the following characteristics:
1. The cooling grooves are distributed in petals, and multiple heat dissipation grooves work at the same time, which effectively improves the cooling efficiency.
2. The aerodynamic arc-shaped design of the heat sink is conducive to the rapid flow of air and further improves the cooling efficiency.
3. The cooling groove uses a symmetrical design, whether it is on the left wheel or the right wheel, forward or reverse, the purpose of heat dissipation can be achieved normally and effectively.
4. The cooling groove uses a sealed design to prevent rainwater and debris from entering the shaft head.
5. The front end of the heat sink is designed with an air trap groove, which can effectively increase the air flow and at the same time facilitate the disassembly of the wheel spacers.

(*1) The “Active Cooling” technology of BONOSS wheel spacers(adapters) has been registered by intellectual property agencies including the United States and the European Union since 2018.

In addition to the patented “Active Cooling” technology, BONOSS wheel spacers(adapters) adhere to independent design, development and production of special products in order to ensure safety, profession, and performance. In terms of the selection of accessories such as wheel bolts and wheel lug nuts for wheel spacers(adapters), BONOSS adheres to independent design, development and production of special products, and fully introduces third-party independent testing. The organization SGS TUV conducts quality inspections, with higher performance levels, better quality reliability, and greater safety.

  1.  The matching bolt has passed the SGS Two million times Limited Life Range Test, and the test standard is ISO3800.
  2.  The matching bolts and nuts have fully passed the SGS TUV performance test ISO and SAE standards, including Tensile Test, Tensile Test for Full-Size Fastener, Proof Load Test, Hardness Test, Decarburization Test, Decarburization Test-hardness, Wedge Loading Test, Retempering Test.
  3.  The matching bolt and nut material passed the SGS TUV Chemical Composition Analysis Test.
  4.  The anti-rust performance of the matching bolts and nuts has passed the 192H neutral salt test, and the test standard is ISO9227.
  5.  The matching bolts pass TUV Microstructure, the standard is ASTM E3-11.

In order to make the experience of using BONOSS wheel spacers(adapters) more perfect, BONOSS insists on actual measurement of various accuracy data, refuses to use “routine ready-made data”, refuses to use the conservative design ideas of “large clearance, large margin, large tolerance accuracy”, and insists on ” “Perfect match of dimensional accuracy” insists on continuous product design changes and technical upgrades. The perfect product experience comes from profession and dedication.

At the same time, BONOSS wheel spacers(adapters) products also have the following characteristics:

  1. Made from High-Strength Aircraft Aluminum Alloy (6061-T6 or 7075T6), Lightweight, Forged.
  2. Hard Anodized for durability and corrosion protection.
  3. Precision Engineered Hub-Centric and Model Specific for Perfect Fit and Wheel Balance.
  4. The “knurling” design is used on the cylindrical surface of the wheel spacer, which can effectively increase the contact area with air and increase the cooling effect.
  5. The PCD hole seat used to fix the wheel spacer is a full-cone seat design, which has better comprehensive performance and higher safety than the part-cone seat seat design.

Trust comes from quality, and quality comes from profession. BONOSS wheel spacers(adapters) products have a 10-year warranty.