As we all know, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a very classic off-road vehicle, which is a full-size four-wheel-drive vehicle in the Land Cruiser range produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota. The Prado is one of the smaller vehicles in the range. Since 2009, the Prado is based on Toyota’s J150 platform (WIKI). Most of the owners of Prado choose this vehicle because of the off-road ability of Prado, which can meet their driving needs in some off-road situations. Therefore, modification is very common, such as the modification of wheels, suspension devices, brakes, and other components. Hence when there are some space problems in these modifications, the Land Cruiser Prado wheel spacer is an affordable and cost-efficient choice to easily solve space problems. For these requirements, BONOSS gives you Toyota Land Cruiser Prado wheel spacers with advanced design and accurate measurement. If you are a person who is hesitant to install wheel spacers because of safety concerns, then choose BONOSS. If you want to know under what circumstances you need to install the wheel spacers  →

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1. More professional in measuring.

BONOSS wheel spacers’ data are obtained by measuring actual vehicles, and we resolutely do not use published data and rough accuracy to design and manufacture products. Many colleagues choose to increase rough accuracy based on public data and use low-cost design to spacers which installed on vehicles of customers. We think this is disrespect for customers’ safety and experience, which will bring customers a lot of time and money trouble.

For example, in Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, it’s easy to know that the wheel center bore is 106.1mm, if there is no actual measuring and mapping data, they will directly produce products with 106.1mm. Although it can be installed, it will increase the probability of high-speed vibration. BONOSS actually measures these data of the vehicle but is not limited to 1. The diameter of the center bore of the hub; 2. The diameter of the center bore of the wheel; 3. The height of the ring step of the hub; 4. The connection chamfer of the wheel; 5. The height of the stud on the hub 6. The height of the random scalloping of the inner side of the OEM wheel; 7 The diameter of the hub. 8. PCD of the wheel and hub.

How to judge the accuracy of the wheel spacers?

In addition to dedicated measuring instruments, BONOSS recommends two small methods: Is it easy to insert the wheel spacer into the shaft head HUB? Generally speaking, the rougher the precision, the larger the gap, the easy the installing, while the product with high precision requires a smooth installing. After installing the wheel spacers into the wheel hub, shake and spin it to feel the gap and noise, and the precision of the product with a large gap and large swing should be doubted.

Short Data about Land Cruiser Prado          Tools We Need

Center Bore: 106.1mm                                                           ·Jack and Jack Stand

PCD: 6×139.7                                                                             ·Torque Wrench

Wheel fasteners: Lug nuts                                                 ·Extension Rod

Wheel Tightening Torque: 103Nm                                    ·Lubricating Spray    ·Rag

Thread Size: M12×1.5                                                             ·Sand Paper(400 grits)

(Notice: The data is just suitable for factory setup, if you have any modifications, please consult a professional. Want consultation? Click here→  )


2. More professional in design.

BONOSS Toyota Land Cruiser Prado wheel spacers are precision engineered hub-centric and model specific for perfect fit and wheel balance. BONOSS wheel spacers can match the PCD with 6X139.7 (6X5.5) and the CB with 106.1mm, from J70 to J150 facelift. The PCD hole seat used to fix the wheel spacer is a full-cone seat design, which has better comprehensive performance and higher safety than the part-cone seat design. And the BONOSS Toyota Land Cruiser Prado wheel spacers have the “knurling” design is used on the cylindrical surface, which can effectively increase the contact area with air and increase the cooling effect. What’s more, there are two characteristics of BONOSS wheel spacers that no other brands have: 1. The Active Cooling wheel spacers. The active cooling design of BONOSS wheel spacers improves brake efficiency by using the rotation of tires to take away the heat of the brake and wheel. 2. The Light-weight Plus wheel spacers. It effectively reduces weight and energy consumption to achieve a balance between high performance and environmental protection.

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