Over 66 SGS TÜV Certificated

SGS and TÜV are the world’s famous inspection, verification, testing, certifications. So far, BONOSS has achieved excellent scores in numerous SGS TÜV test items.

Tensile Strength ≥ 1,220Mpa

Tensile strength is the amount of load or stress that can be handled by a material before it stretches and breaks. The provided wheel studs of BONOSS wheel spacers have fully passed SGS TÜV tensile strength test. Higher tensile strength can bear greater forces without breaking.

Limited Life Range Test ≥ 2,000,000
Stress Cycles Without Damage

In the ISO standard SGS limited life range test (maximum load is 60.31kN, minimum load is 49.35kN), BONOSS M14x1.25 wheel bolts still remains good condition after 2,000,000 times stress cycles. This means they provide a very long life service in daily driving.

Proof Load ≥ 121,000N

In the ISO standard SGS TÜV proof load test, BONOSS M14x1.5 wheel studs have achieved excellent scores. When facing bump and impact loads, higher proof load is able to withstand more stress load for a longer period of time so as to avoid wheel spacers failure.

Hardness(HV) ≥ 392

Since the wheel spacers are installed between the vehicle hubs and the wheels, it is very important to ensure they are high quality. A higher hardness means that these wheel studs can bear stronger impact force without breaking.

Increasing SGS TÜV Certificate Test Report

BONOSS believes that the quality of good products should be expressed with actual data. We promise that there will be more and more SGS TÜV certificate test reports in the future and we will keep updating.