Installing wheel spacers on your Land Rover Defender is an easy upgrade that can provide a customizable and aggressive look. Wheel spacers push the wheels further out from the wheel hub, giving your Defender a wider stance and allowing you to run larger diameter wheels and tires. In this article, we’ll walk through the complete installation process for adding wheel spacers to your Defender.

Tools and Parts Needed

  • Wheel spacers (recommend BONOSS brand for quality and fit)
  • Socket wrench and sockets
  • Wheel chocks
  • Jack and jack stands

Land Rover Defender Wheel Spacers Install Guide

Step 1 – Jack Up Vehicle The first step is to safely jack up your Defender and support it with jack stands for the install. Chock the rear wheels, then jack up the front end and place stands under the front chassis rails.

Step 2 – Remove Wheels
With the front end raised and secured, you can now remove the front wheels to access the wheel hubs. Use the socket wrench to loosen and remove the wheel bolts. Set both front wheels/tires aside.

Step 3 – Install Wheel Spacers Line up the wheel spacer with the wheel hub. The taper inside the spacer matches the taper on the Defender’s hub. Slide the spacer evenly over the wheel studs, flush with the hub surface.

Step 4 – Reinstall Wheels
Place the wheel back over the wheel spacer and hub. Hand tighten a few lug nuts to hold it in place temporarily. Repeat spacer install and wheel placement on the other side.

Step 5 – Torque Wheel Bolts
With both spacers and wheels installed, torque the wheel bolts evenly to the specified setting. Go in a star pattern to ensure even contact.

Step 6 – Repeat For Rear Wheels
Complete steps 2-5 above for the rear wheels. Add the spacers first, then put the rear wheels back on torquing all bolts to spec.

Step 7 – Lower Vehicle and Inspect Carefully lower your Land Rover back to the ground. Give the wheel spacers a final check to confirm flush fitment on the hubs, no gaps or unevenness. Go for a quick test drive and listen/feel for any vibration or noises.

The install is now complete! Enjoy the wider, more aggressive stance of your Land Rover Defender.

Land Rover Defender Wheel Spacers Before & After

Adding spacers makes a dramatic visual difference on the iconic Land Rover Defender. It pushes the wheels out further, allowing you to effectively widen the track width. Defenders look tough right from the factory, but a set of wheel spacers takes it to the next level.

Some key before and after changes you’ll notice with Defender wheel spacers:

  • Wider stance for more aggressive look
  • Ability to run larger diameter wheels/tires without rubbing
  • Improved approach/departure angles on off-road trails
  • Wheel poke makes the edges of the rims more visible
  • Overall beefier presence on the street or trail

Upgrading your stock Defender to a tougher, wider look is as easy as bolting on a set of wheel spacers. This visual upgrade really completes the look!

Land Rover Defender Wheel Spacers Install - Step By Step Guide

Why BONOSS Land Rover Defender Wheel Spacers Are Best?

When asking which brand to choose for Land Rover Defender wheel spacers, we recommend BONOSS. Here’s why they lead the way:

Forged 6061T6 or 7075T6 Aluminum. Built from aircraft grade aluminum, not cheaper cast or stamped steel alternatives. BONOSS uses precision tolerance machining for unbeatable quality, fit and strength.

Custom Fitment for Land Rover Defender. BONOSS engineers their spacers specifically to seamlessly fit Defender models from 2007 to 2024. No guesswork here, perfect OEM integration the first time.

Anodized Black Sleek Finish. Their black anodized coating looks factory fresh and holds up to punishment, without peeling or corrosion over thousands of miles of use. Matches OEM wheels and gives an aggressive personality.

Hub-Centric for Vibration Free Performance. Hub-centric design centers the spacer on the Defender’s wheel hub, not the wheel bolts. This prevents vibration at speed – crucial for comfortable driving manners and preventing wear on other components.

10-year Warranty. All BONOSS wheel spacers are backed by a 10-year warranty. Product quality and customer confidence are their top priorities. You can’t go wrong with their unmatched reputation.

Adding a set of BONOSS wheel spacers to a Land Rover Defender takes the look, capability and presence to another level. They precision engineer their spacers from aircraft grade aluminum, for strength and quality that bolts up to the Defender flawlessly. If you’re looking to run larger tires or give your Defender a tough widebody conversion, wheel spacers get you there. Just be sure to choose the proven industry leader in BONOSS. Their quality, fitment and sleek black finish set them apart.

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