If you own a Land Rover Discovery 2, installing wheel spacers can provide numerous benefits. Wheel spacers change the width of your track, allowing you to run wider tires for improved stability and traction. Spacers also allow you to choose from a wider variety of wheels to customize the look of your Discovery.

But with so many Discovery 2 wheel spacer options available, how do you know which size and type are right for your vehicle? In this complete review, we’ll cover everything you need to know for selecting the best Discovery 2 wheel spacers.

What Size Discovery 2 Wheel Spacers Are Best?

Wheel spacers for the Discovery 2 are available in a range of different widths. Generally, 20mm and 25mm spacers are the most common and provide subtle track widening. Some brands offer spacers up to 35mm or larger.

For most Disco 2 owners, 20-25mm spacers provide the right balance of improved stance and ability to fit larger tires, without compromising handling or drivability. They work well with both stock wheels and moderate aftermarket upsizing. Keep in mind too that your wheel offset will also impact how far the wheels sit outward from the fenders.

What Type of Discovery 2 Wheel Spacers Are Best?

The two main types of wheel spacers are clamping style and hub-centric slip-on. Clamping spacers use an integrated clamp ring to center on the hub and clamp tightly against the wheel. Slip-on spacers usually have a precision CNC-machined center hole to accurately center on the wheel hub, then bolt against the wheel like a standard spacer.

Slip-on spacers tend to cost less, but bolt-on spacers provide stronger support and centering ability. But most Discovery experts strongly recommend upgrading to high-quality CNC-machined billet aluminum bolt-on spacers for optimal durability and safety, especially with bigger tire and wheel packages.

Discovery 2 Wheel Spacers Complete Review

Why BONOSS Discovery 2 Wheel Spacers Are Best?

Among the many brands of Discovery 2 wheel spacers available, BONOSS stands above for their exceptional quality, engineering and customer service. Here’s why BONOSS is highly recommended by Disco 2 owners:

  • Vehicle-Specific Engineering – Not universal spacers. BONOSS spacers are specially designed for Discovery 2 fitment and load capacity. Size and offset optimized.
  • Durable Black Anodize Finish – Attractive black anodizing resists corrosion, chips and scratches.
  • 10-year Guarantee – All BONOSS spacers are covered by a worry-free 10 years warranty. Provides serious peace of mind for the additional stresses of off-road use.

With BONOSS, Discovery 2 owners can drive confidently knowing their spacers meet the toughest quality and durability standards. Contact BONOSS to learn more or order a set optimized specifically for your model and planned modifications. Their wheel spacer experts are happy to answer any questions and ensure you get the ideal fit. Upgrade to BONOSS spacers and take your Disco 2’s traction and style to the next level!

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