Discovery 5 wheel spacers are used to enhance the look, performance and handling of a car by increasing the track width and decreasing the offset of the wheels. They can also help to accommodate bigger wheels and tires, or to avoid brake calipers and suspension components.

But how do you select the right size of wheel spacers for your Discovery 5? There are several factors to consider, such as the bolt pattern, the center bore, the thickness and the quality of the spacers. In this post, we will explain these factors and give you some examples of how different sizes of wheel spacers can affect your Discovery 5.

Discovery 5 wheel spacers: which size is best?

Bolt pattern and center bore of Discovery 5 wheel spacers

The bolt pattern and the center bore are two important measurements that determine how the wheel spacers fit on your wheel hub. The bolt pattern is the number and arrangement of the bolts that hold the wheel to the hub. The center bore is the diameter of the hole in the center of the wheel that matches the hub. 1998-2023 Discovery 5 has a 5×120 bolt pattern, which means it has five bolts arranged in a circle with a diameter of 120mm. The center bore of 2004-2023 Discovery 5 is 72.6 mm. Therefore, you need to choose wheel spacers that have the same bolt pattern and center bore as your car.

Thickness of Discovery 5 wheel spacers

The thickness of the wheel spacers determines how much they move out your wheels from the hub. The thicker the spacers, the wider the track width and the lower the offset of your wheels. The track width is the distance between the left and right wheels on the same axle. The offset is the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the mounting surface on the hub.

The thickness of the wheel spacers also affects how much space you have between your wheels and tires and other parts of your car, such as fenders, brake calipers and suspension components. If you use too thick spacers, you may face rubbing or interference issues that can harm your car or compromise your safety.

Discovery 5 wheel spacers: which size is best?

Where to buy quality Discovery 5 wheel spacers?

BONOSS offers comprehensive service and excellent Discovery 5 wheel spacers. BONOSS (formerly bloxsport) has served millions of customers and is professional in spacer production and data measurements, and is remarkable for a couple of patented designs. They offer a 10-year warranty and thoughtful consulting.

Customization for Discovery 5. BONOSS spacers are specially made for most vehicle models. They are measured and processed more precisely for your Audi. Based on the data online, the mechanics of BONOSS remeasured over 95% wheel and hub data of car models, concluding that not all data online is accurate enough.

Moreover, BONOSS Discovery 5 wheel spacers are CNC-machined precisely to 0.02mm tolerance. High-performance products. The spacers and bolts of BONOSS are over 66 SGS and TUV certificated. The spacers are anodized AL7075-T6, while the wheel bolts are ISO grade 12.9. All of them are high strength and quality so that can prevent from breaking, bending, cracking or rusting.

Active cooling grooves. You can only see these curved and beautiful grooves in BONOSS spacers because this patent is designed and owned by BONOSS. These dissipation grooves are designed to fit aerodynamic function to cool the brake by creating space between the hub and wheel spacers. They have been proven to be effective to reduce thermal decay and improve brake response.