If you love taking your Land Rover Discovery Sport off-road, you may be considering installing wheel spacers to allow for wider tires and better traction. However, this common mod has led many Discovery Sport owners to wonder – are wheel spacers safe for off-road driving? Let’s take a closer look.

Wheel spacers change the track width of your vehicle by pushing the wheels further outward from the hub. This allows you to install wider, more aggressive tires that can better grip loose or uneven terrain.

Wheel Spacer Types: Hub-Centric vs Lug-Centric

There are two main types of wheel spacers for the Discovery Sport – hub-centric and lug-centric. Hub-centric spacers center on the hub like a wheel, while lug-centric spacers center on the wheel lugs. Hub-centric spacers are often recommended as safer and enable the wheels to spin true after installation. Lug-centric spacers can cause vibration at high speeds.

For safe off-road driving, quality hub-centric spacers that precisely match Land Rover specs are an absolute must. Low quality spacers made of inferior materials can crack or slip, causing loss of control. High quality aluminum spacers with durable anodized or powder coated finishes will hold up better to rugged use.

Are Discovery Sport Wheel Spacers Risky Off-Road?

Recommended Brand: BONOSS Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers

One brand of Discovery Sport wheel spacers that meets these safety criteria is BONOSS. Made from tough T6-6061 aluminum, these hub-centric spacers are precision CNC machined to OE specifications. Their anodized black finish resists corrosion from mud, snow and salt. Designed specifically for Generation 2 Discovery Sports built after 2019 facelift.

BONOSS stands behind their spacers with a 10-year warranty. For added assurance, their Discovery Sport spacers utilize.

Carefully engineered for durability, BONOSS Discovery Sport spacers will give you a wider, more capable stance while exploring remote backcountry trails.

By maintaining the wheel’s hub-centric fit, BONOSS spacers allow proper torque settings and weight distribution across the axle. This gives you better handling and control for steep inclines, loose surfaces and uneven terrain.

The right set of hub-centric wheel spacers opens up your possibilities for tackling more challenging off-road destinations. For Discovery Sport SUVs, the precision engineering and safety testing of BONOSS spacers makes them a smart choice for extreme 4×4 adventures while protecting your ride. Check with dealers for availability.

So are wheel spacers risky for your Land Rover’s rugged lifestyle? Not if you go with a quality-made brand that delivers OE fitment, materials and workmanship. With BONOSS spacers bolted on, both you and your Discovery Sport can wander farther off the beaten track.

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