When modifying your Land Rover Discovery with aftermarket wheels and tires, you may find that you need to install wheel spacers to get the right fitment. But what size Discovery wheel spacers are best and safe to use? In this post, we’ll go over spacer options for the Discovery and make some recommendations.

Wheel spacers act as adapters that push the wheels further out from the hub for better clearance and stance. However, you have to use spacers properly to avoid safety issues. That’s why choosing quality branded spacers in tested sizes is important.

Types of Discovery Wheel Spacers

Discovery owners generally have two main spacer options: hub-centric spacers that center on the hub bore, and lug-centric spacers that center on the wheel lugs. Hub-centric spacers tend to be preferable and safer since they hub-bore fit ensures proper wheel alignment. High-quality hub-centric spacers from brands like BONOSS are common choices.

Lug-centric spacers can work but may be more prone to vibration issues if not properly centered.

Recommended Discovery Spacer Sizes

For the Discovery 1 and 2, a 20-25mm spacer up front and 25-30mm rear spacer is common for fitting larger diameter tires without rubbing issues. This adds just enough width to clear 33-35 inch tires depending on lift and backspacing.

For the Discovery 3, 4 and 5, a 20-25mm spacer all around is generally ideal for moderate lifts up to 3 inches.

What Size Discovery Wheel Spacers Are Best?

Why BONOSS Discovery Wheel Spacers Are a Top Option?

Known for their heavy-duty construction, reliability and exact OE-quality fitment, BONOSS spacers have become a go-to choice for Disco owners wanting to safely adapters their wheels outward.

Key reasons BONOSS stands out:

  • CNC Machined 6061T6 Billet Aluminum Construction
  • Precise Hub-Centric Fit – No Vibration Issues
  • Better Clearance for Larger Tires & Wheels
  • Maintain Proper Suspension Geometry
  • Tested Safe for Discovery 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Models

Whether you’re looking to accommodate slightly larger tires or want an aggressive stance with wider aftermarket wheels, quality hub-centric wheel spacers tuned to your Discovery can help you achieve your goals safely. Just make sure to size appropriately based on generation, planned lifts, and factors.

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