Do Teslas come with lug nuts?

If you’re considering buying a Tesla or have recently become the proud owner of one of these sleek electric vehicles, you may be wondering – do Teslas come with lug nuts? The short answer is yes, Tesla vehicles do come equipped with lug nuts to secure the wheels to the hubs. However, there are some important things to know about Tesla’s lug nuts and wheel security.

All Tesla models (Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y) use a five lug nut pattern to mount the wheels. The lug nuts are actually bolts that thread directly into the hub rather than using a separate lug nut. This helps create a more seamless look and tighter fit.

The lug nuts used by Tesla are not standard off-the-shelf parts. They have a deeper head and wider flange specifically designed for Tesla vehicles. This proprietary design makes them difficult to remove without the special Tesla-supplied socket tool. The lug nuts are also torque-sensitive, meaning they must be installed to the correct torque specification to properly secure the wheel.

While Tesla lug nuts are high-quality and effective when properly installed, there are a few potential downsides to be aware of.

  • The proprietary sockets needed to remove the lug nuts can be easily lost or damaged. Without the special tool, the lug nuts cannot be removed.
  • In an emergency situation, standard lug nut sockets will not work on Tesla wheels. This could make tire changes more challenging.
  • Tesla does not currently provide lug nut locks or locks of any kind for the wheels. This makes Teslas more vulnerable to wheel and tire theft.
  • Tesla lug nuts require re-torquing after the initial installation per the maintenance schedule. If not properly re-torqued, they can loosen over time.

For these reasons, many Tesla owners choose to replace the factory lug nuts with aftermarket options. One popular company producing replacement lug nuts for Teslas is BONOSS.

Why BONOSS Aftermarket Tesla Lug Nuts Are Best?

BONOSS makes the best steel lug nuts specifically engineered for Tesla vehicles. Here are some of the benefits BONOSS Tesla lug nuts provide.

  • Meets or exceeds OEM torque and durability specifications. You don’t sacrifice performance for easier maintenance.
  • Available in black finish. Customize the look of your Tesla.
  • Protects your investment. Quality lug nuts retain proper torque to prevent wheel damage and keep you safely on the road.
  • Affordable price. A small investment for increased security and convenience.

For Tesla owners looking for lug nuts that are both high-performing and easy to service, BONOSS aftermarket lug nuts are an excellent choice. They allow you to retain the stylish wheel design Tesla intended while eliminating the headaches of the factory lug nuts. If you’re frustrated with needing special tools or have concerns about security, upgrade to BONOSS lug nuts for a better experience.